Lil Nas X mortified after ripping pants during ‘SNL’ debut, fans say he 'truly is a real-life Spongebob'

Lil Nas X mortified after ripping pants during ‘SNL’ debut, fans say he 'truly is a real-life Spongebob'
Lil Nas X during 'SNL' performance (NBC)

The season finale of ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) will surely be remembered for a very long time, all thanks to Lil Nax X’s wardrobe malfunction during his debut performance on the popular sketch comedy show. The ‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker landed on the stage in a shiny leather outfit and performed on his much-controversial track ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ with the help of a stripper pole. For the unversed, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ star Anya Taylor-Joy also made her hosting debut on the show.
Since 'SNL' enjoys a massive viewership across the world, the news of Lil Nas X ripping his pants on the show was soon trending all over the Internet. Many users recorded the visuals and posted it on Twitter. The song ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ from his self-titled debut album ‘MONTERO’ had already caused quite a stir during its release in March 2021. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter was brutally slammed for giving a sensuous lap dance to the Satan in the music video of the song.
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‘I wanted to do my pole routine so bad this what I get’

Surrounded by shirtless backup dancers, Lil Nas X appeared all confident on the stage before his pants split in the middle of ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ performance. The rapper then used his hands to cover his modesty as he continued his performance without a hitch. Lil Nas tried to handle the embarrassing situation as he took to his official Twitter account moments after his performance and posted a series of funny tweets.

In the very first tweet, he said, “NOT MY PANTS RIPPED ON LIVE ON TV” whereas in the second he simply wrapped it up with, “OMFG NO.” Minutes after his last tweet, the Grammy-winning artist shared, “I wanted to do my pole routine so bad this what I get lmaoo.” He also shared a snippet of him splitting his pants recorded by a social media user from his home.





















‘Pants ripping made SNL performance even better’

Social media users had a gala time over the weekend while sharing the video snippets of Lil Nas X ripping his pants. Speaking on the same, one user said, “Dancing was cool and everything but bro literally rip his pants like SpongeBob.” Another made fun of the rapper and tweeted, “Ripped pants will forever live on the internet.” One said, “Yes @LilNasX this makes this moment and performance even that more iconic...but i would also like to know if u rehearsed in the pants.”
The next one asserted, “YES! SERIOUSLY THE BEST PERFORMANCE ON SNL! And the pants ripping  (which I was oblivious to, until Twitter) somehow made it even BETTER! What a great performer, like the professional you are, you just rolled with it & it was AMAZING!” Another added, “I was dying of exhilaration, giggles and excitement!!  That performance was sooo Gay and over the top, it was a game changer for this generation. Trust me when I say a lot of us have waited for that type of space to be taken up on mainstream television.” One praised the talented crooner and concluded, “@LilNasX split his pants and *still* finished the number. That is some theater queer energy right there.” 

The Spongebob references were in plenty as one said: "FROM THE SPONGEBOB REFERENCES IN THE MONTERO MV TO THIS NOW. THIS MAN TRULY IS A REAL LIFE SPONGEBOB." Another said 'Same energy' as they shared an image of Spongbob and Lil Nas X. 
























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