Lil Nas X channels inner Nicki Minaj for Halloween, Internet says rapper 'looks more like Nicki than Nicki'

Lil Nas X channels inner Nicki Minaj for Halloween, Internet says rapper 'looks more like Nicki than Nicki'
Lil Nas X, Nicki Minaj (Twitter @Lil Nas X)

Every Halloween, celebrities try and outdo their previous years' costumes innovating in fresh ways to impress their fans. This is usually followed by the fans arguing about which celebrity killed it the best. Over the past week, we've seen numerous celebs, from the Weeknd to Ciara to Saweetie, teasing their Halloween costumes. But, it's Lil Nas X who has taken the internet by storm. With his rendition of Nicki Minaj, Nas X has impressed thousands of people. The 'Old Town Road' hit-maker posted pictures of himself dressed up as the 'Anaconda' rapper with the caption. "Nas Maraj" followed by nail paint emojis.


The internet was quick to react to the drastic change and point out how uncannily similar Nas X looks to Nicki. One user, pointing this out, tweeted, "n***a this s**t so hard what the f**k, what the f**k," while another, pointing out the same, said, "Lil Nas looks more like Nicki than Nicki looks like Nicki." Another, praising Nas X, said, "I don’t wanna see anyone else's costume Lil Nas X won." A different user, expressing similar sentiments, wrote, "Black Twitter, I don’t wanna see anyone else’s costume Lil Nas X won!" while another user said, "This s**t got me absolutely shook. He won Halloween, everyone else can just give the f**k up and stay home."







Not all comments were positive as many were quick to criticize Nas X's choice of costume. Saying the rapper is looking like former basketball player Dennis Rodman, a user tweeted, "He looks like he’s channeling Dennis Rodman," while another, criticizing Nas X for buttering Nicki, said, "Remember when Lil Nas X said he wasn’t a Barb, and now he’s doing everything in his power to kiss her ass." Some users were even angry and said, "I just deleted 'Old Town Road' out my library cuz Lil Nas X went too far with that costume," while another, saying the same, tweeted, "Never listening to 'Panini' or 'Old Town Road' again." A more angry user said, "The entertainment industry is filled with people like him. I can’t be surprised anymore!"











A fan defended the rapper against mean tweets and wrote, "Why are y’all taking this Lil Nas X costume thing so seriously? It's just for fun and it was well executed. Y'all have taken the happy out of Happy Halloween." Another tweeted, "Y'all better leave him alone. I love this."





On the music front, Nas X recently said that his new album will be dropping soon teasing a clip where we see him singing along to an upbeat song while driving in his car.

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