Will Cardi B feature in Lil Nas X's 'Rodeo' music video due this week, ask fans

'Rodeo' was originally a collaboration between Lil Nas X and Cardi B and a remix with Nas was released later

                            Will Cardi B feature in Lil Nas X's 'Rodeo' music video due this week, ask fans
Lil Nas X (Getty Images)

Lil Nas X's year started off with a bang as the singer and rapper picked up two of the six Grammys he was nominated for, including Best Music Video for 'Old Town Road'. After the accolades, he has just announced that he will release another music video — this time for his song 'Rodeo'.

'Rodeo' was originally released last year as part of Lil Nas X's debut album '7'. The song was a collaboration with fellow rapper Cardi B. Many praised the song and were certain that it would be a hit, but soon after its release the two artists, as well as the song's producers, were sued by Don Lee and Glen Keith DeMeritt III, who claimed 'Rodeo' resembled and thus plagiarized a track they produced in 2017 called 'Broad Day'.

'Rodeo', nonetheless, performed decently on the charts and received mixed reviews from critics. Lil Nas X performed the song along with Nas at the 62nd Grammy Awards. This was before they released a lyric video and the official remix, featuring Nas, as a single to streaming services in January.


And now, the 'Old Town Road' singer and Grammy-winner has announced that he will drop a music video for 'Rodeo' this week. The announcement included an image of Lil Nas X in vampire makeup complete with spiked hair, red eyes and pointy ears, indicating we might see the rapper in a different look this time around.

Not everyone is onboard with the concept though. Lil Nas X's tweet received several responses from people who compared his look to Michael Jackson from 'Thriller' and the death god Ryuk from 'Death Note', among other characters from manga, anime and horror movies.

Some even joked about summoning the vampire-slayer herself, tweeting "Chile where is BUFFY."

Cardi B arrives as Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi at Hollywood Palladium on May 8, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

Fans, however, noticed that Cardi B was missing from Lil Nas X's update and since she wasn't on the Grammys stage with him for the remix either, they are starting to wonder where is she.

Many tweeted in response to Lil Nas X's update with one saying, "We want cardi." Another fan went on to say that if Cardi is not in the video, they would not be interested in it with one user tweeted, "If cardi ain’t in it then we don’t want it."

While others were seemingly happy to hear that Cardi would not be featured in the video as they preferred Nas. One user wrote: "Better be wit nas and not cardi." Some others were of the opinion that a collaboration featuring all three would be "epic".

Whether the video features Cardi or not, we will find out soon enough!

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