Is Lil Baby dropping a collab with Kanye West after rapper accused him of refusing to team up for album?

Is Lil Baby dropping a collab with Kanye West after rapper accused him of refusing to team up for album?
Lil Baby, Kanye West (Getty Images)

Each time Kanye West drops a new name on Twitter, fans and social media users are seen engaging in intense discussions over what the rapper meant or whom he was taking a dig at. After naming a row of celebrities, including his wife Kim Kardashian and rapper Drake, Kanye mentioned Lil Baby in one of the tweets claiming the ‘Yes Indeed’ singer allegedly refused to collaborate with him for an album. 

The news soon spread like wildfire when Lil Baby himself took to Twitter to address Kanye’s tweet, which has now been removed. In the first tweet, he wrote, “Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song that’s fucced up” and then added, “@kanyewest no disrespect nobody told me”.

This left the Twitterati confused for obvious reasons as both the musicians expressed contrasting views about working with each other. But the majority of them are seen saying they would want to see Lil Baby and Kanye West, regardless of Kanye’s accusations. When one fan wrote, “Fax but we need that collab”, another added, “It really be ya own. a ye and baby song would go crazy”. While another excited fan wrote, “You got like 24 hours to get something in. Better hit him up on Twitter”.

Meanwhile, some fans sympathized with Lil Baby for becoming Kanye’s latest target in his Twitter rant. One fan tweeted, “You need to call him”. And another said, “Don't worry about it. He probably made it up and doesn't remember saying it anyway.”

A few fans have noted that if Kanye’s accusations happen to be true and if Lil Baby considers collaborating with him, it could one of the best opportunities for both of the musicians. However, only time can tell us if the much-anticipated duo would join hands for any project. On July 21, Kanye got fans excited by tweeting about the progressive rock band The Mard Volta as they couldn’t help but wonder if he was hinting at a future collaboration. "The Mars Volta we need to finish the album." Kanye’s tweet read. 


While Kanye has expressed his interest in working with Lil Baby, it remains to be seen if the latter would take this seriously and fulfill fans’ wishes.

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