Light as a Feather season 1: What makes this game-inspired Hulu show "super spooky"?

Hulu is set to release its horror-thriller series 'Light as a Feather' based on the popular Whattpad story by Zoe Aarsen on October 12.

                            Light as a Feather season 1: What makes this game-inspired Hulu show "super spooky"?

The spookiest month of October has begun and everyone is in a race to make the scariest film or tv series of all time and Hulu is amongst the top contenders in this race. Hulu is coming up with a new horror-thriller series ‘Light as a Feather.’  Based on the popular story by Zoe Aarsen on Wattpad, the story that revolves around 5 teenage girls, who start dying after playing the game, which a huge hit at high school sleepovers. In it the participants envision their own death, and in the case of these unlucky teens, live imitates art, or gam, rather.

Watch the teaser for 'Light as a Feather' here: 

The aim of this game was to make the participants levitate. The participant chants phrases like “She’s looking ill” or “She is dying” while they lay flat on their back. It has been said that the participants envision their own deaths at times. ‘Light as a Feather’ has brought these probabilities to life.

“I was very familiar with the game from childhood," series creator R. Lee Fleming said in an interview to IGN. "I remember playing it at a friend’s house with his older sister and her friends. I have a distinct memory of that. And there are different versions of the game. In this particular version that they played in the book, and then in the series … there’s a leader of the game, who actually, in addition to trying to get someone to levitate, also predicts how the person being levitated is going to die. Which I thought was really super spooky and super compelling, and also a great jumping-off point for our show."

Fleming also revealed of having added new elements and hopes that Aarsen’s fans will enjoy it. "In turning it into a TV series sometimes you have to add elements, and obviously it’s a book, so the series goes on beyond the book," told Fleming. "So we do deviate, but the spirit of the book is definitely there,” he added.

The five teenagers are played by the talented Liana Liberato (as McKenna), Haley Ramm (as Violet), Ajiona Alexus (as Candace), Brianne Tju (as Alex) and Peyton List (as Olivia). All 10 episodes of the series will be added to the Hulu library on October 12 and we’re sure it’s going to be a spooky affair.