Aircraft crashes onto A40 in Wales, third such incident on carriageway in three years

Three people onboard the light aircraft were rescued from the wreckage, and were treated on the spot as their injuries were not life threatening

                            Aircraft crashes onto A40 in Wales, third such incident on carriageway in three years
(Source : Getty Images)

A small aircraft crashed on a dual carriage close to a private airstrip in south Wales on Sunday, the third such crash in the area in three years. The aircraft hit some power cables before crashing onto the A40; the snapped cables forced a train to into an emergency stop. Photographs from the accident site shared on social media show a huge cloud of smoke, being watched by stunned specatators whose vehicles have created long lines of traffic. Luckily the aircraft did not hit any cars. 

Police said three people onboard the plane were rescued and were treated on the scene as their injuries weren't life-threatening.

According to a report in Daily Mail, a man had to pull out people from the burning wreckage. It is believed that the aircraft was heading to or from Abergavenny Airfield, which clipped overhead rail lines and sent it flying by the sides of the train. 

BBC journalist Rhodri Tomos, who was on the train, said, "The guard said that a light aircraft has crashed into some power cables and the cables have hit the train. We could smell some burning and we were at a stop for about 15 minutes."

Reportedly, this is the third time such an incident has occurred on A40 in the last three years. 

Two people were killed in a crash that occurred in June of 2018. They were identified as Martin Bishop, 61, and 68-year-old Roderick Weaver from Cardiff. The accident that occurred in 2016 was another light aircraft crash, however, no one was injured. The three people who were travelling in the Piper PA-28 Cherokee Warrior had a miraculous escape.

Louise Hodges, a witness of Sunday's crash, wrote on Facebook, "We were watching a glider flying over, must have been just before this happened. The front of the plane looked black and at an odd angle. We wondered if there was something wrong."

Others also reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing thick smoke in the area at around 11 am after which the police were called.