'Obsession: Escaping My Ex' Review: Lifetime's thriller about a jilted ex is a predictable one-time watch

'Obsession: Escaping My Ex' shows Blake's attempts to win back Madison in his own dark, twisted ways. Despite the decent performances from the actors, the fillm isn't anything extraordinary

                            'Obsession: Escaping My Ex' Review: Lifetime's thriller about a jilted ex is a predictable one-time watch

Spoilers for 'Obsession: Escaping My Ex' 

Have you ever wondered how sociopaths deal with their breakups? Hint: it definitely doesn't involve eating copious amounts of ice-cream or drinking away the heart-break. They deal with it in a very different manner. In case you're curious to find out how they deal with it, you should check out Lifetime's latest "Thrillogy" series. The series comprises of three movies revolving around a pretty girl named Madison Turner (Celeste Desjardins) and Blake (Travis Nelson).

The first part of the series, aptly titled 'Obsession: Stalked by my Lover', lays the ground for the next two movies. It all begins with Blake trying to arrange some money to pay for his sister's psychiatric treatment. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, Blake ends up becoming our protagonist, Madison's roommate. Blake and Madison become very close, and he begins falling for her. Unfortunately for him, Madison already has a boyfriend. But he soon discovers that she isn't fond of her boyfriend. He decides to take matters in his own hands and kills the boyfriend, and eventually manages to become Madison's new boyfriend. 

But things take a turn for the worse when Madison discovers what he did to her previous boyfriend, and decides to testify against him. Blake is left feeling puzzled and betrayed after watching his girlfriend testify against him. While Madison is done with her relationship with Blake, he isn't. In his head, he still thinks that Madison and he are soulmates.

This is where 'Obsession: Escaping My Ex' takes off from. The movie opens with Blake escaping from the prison. As soon as he manages to get out, he almost immediately finds all the resources needed to rebuild his life on the outside. He finds an unlocked car with a laptop inside it. He makes his way to a departmental store, picks up four burner phones, and then manages to track down Madison's address. He finds an empty home to stay in. Blake made a prison break and life after breaking seem effortless, although that might not be the case.

The very next day, he corners Madison and kidnaps her. He calls her sister Evie Brotman (Kelly Hope Taylor) and asks her for a ransom of $1 million. Meanwhile, he tries to rebuild his trust with Madison. Although Blake understands that Madison is upset with him, he fails to grasp that she doesn't want to be with him. He believes that if they move to some other place, everything will be alright, and things will go back to normal. So, he continues trying to woo Madison, while she plans her great escape from him.

Evie eventually manages to find where Blake held Madison hostage and goes there hoping to rescue her. Will Evie be able to save Madison before it's too late? What happens to Blake? To know answers to these questions you might want to watch 'Obsession: Escaping My Ex'.

The plotline was very predictable aside from one or two unexpected moments. The actors gave a decent performance, but nothing extraordinary to write home about. Despite the predictable plotline, it makes for a good one-time watch. 

'Obsession: Escaping My Ex' will air on Saturday, July 11, at 8 pm only on Lifetime Network.

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