Lifetime 'Mommy's Little Star': 5 things you didn't know about Rebecca Amzallag

Rebecca Amzallag, a Canadian actress, was a model in her early twenties before taking up acting

                            Lifetime 'Mommy's Little Star': 5 things you didn't know about Rebecca Amzallag
Rebecca Amzallag stars in the Lifetime movie 'Mommy's Little Star' (Instagram @rebeccaamzallag)

Lifetime 'Mommy's Little Star' is centered on Olivia, 12, who finds her life taking a downward turn after her mother, Lauren, loses custody due to a terrible divorce. Crushed under the weight of isolation and anxiety, she is desperate to impress her mother and reunite her family. She discovers an app that allows her to become a social media celebrity.

Everything seems to be going well for Olivia, with Lauren becoming more involved in her life and Lauren's new boyfriend assisting her with her social media business. As Olivia's star rises, she discovers that her mother's boyfriend has more on his mind than just managing her career, plunging her into a world of betrayal, jealousy, and even murder.


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Rebecca Amzallag

Rebecca Amzallag is a Canadian actress who also works as a producer and additional. 'The Glorification of the Antihero,' 'Love Triangle Nightmare' (TV Movie) 2022, 'Mommy's Little Star' (TV Movie) 2022,  are some of her most well-known works.


Rebecca always wanted to be an actress, but she was never encouraged to pursue it as a profession. She began modeling in her early twenties, but her thoughts kept returning to her dream job. Rebecca eventually engaged in acting school and, at the age of 24, landed her first union project. Rebecca has now landed a number of fascinating roles in a variety of professional film and television projects. The actress believes in following her aspirations and keeping herself rooted in strong, supportive environments. Amzallag’s birthplace is in Toronto, Canada. Her academic background includes a BA in Linguistics from Concordia University, which she earned between 2007 and 2010.

Maja Vujicic

Maja Vujicic is known for her roles in 'Feel the Beat' (2020), 'Sesame Street' (1969), and 'Holly Hobbie' (2018).

Maja Vujicic (IMDb)


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Gracie Callahan

Callahan was born Gracie Elizabeth Louisa Callahan in Durham, Ontario, on October 4th, 1993, and grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Gracie began her acting career with a brief role as "Amy" on the Discovery Television show 'Murder U (2016).'


Watch 'Mommy’s Little Star' premier on LMN on May 6, 2022

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