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'Married at First Sight': Should Olivia take Brett back on Decision Day after he bailed on their marriage?

Brett may have left Olivia with an empty apartment and moved back to his, but she isn't ready to give up on their marriage yet
Olivia and Brett (Lifetime)
Olivia and Brett (Lifetime)

'Married at First Sight' is nearing Decision Day, a day on which experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr Viviana Coles, and Dr Pepper Schwartz sit the couples down, interact with them hoping to understand their experience of the experiment, and ask them if they are decided on whether or not they would like to continue with their marriage. 

In the preview to this week's episode, we see Olivia's friend ask a very important and crucial question: "What if Brett wants to come back?" Olivia immediately responds with: "I would like to listen." Brett may have left Olivia with an empty apartment and moved back to his, but she isn't ready to give up on their marriage yet. 

Earlier this month, we saw how New Orleans and most of the world was shut down to tackle the pandemic. The couples were stuck in their homes and those first few months were frustrating even for those who got along. It's hard to imagine what Brett and Olivia must have gone through. The CCTV footage shows them spending time on the couch, not with each other but on their phones. 

Unable to take more of the lockdown, Olivia decided to visit her mother. She even invited Brett to see them but he chose to stay at home to look after the cats. Once she left, he self-filmed himself and shared that he was concerned as to why Olivia would risk her health, step out during such times. 

"Decision day was supposed to be this week, but [coronavirus] delayed everything. It could be months before we finish, I don't know. But I can't keep putting my life on hold anymore, so I'm moving back into my house," he said and soon after, left with his belongings. 

Olivia, upon her return, was sent into a spiral. She looked around the house only to find that Brett was long gone. His luggage, cats, and food from the fridge were all gone. She was devastated and didn't what to think of it at first. "I chose to go check in on my family. Didn't leave on bad terms. Told him, 'Hey, you could come with me.' He was like, 'No, somebody's got to take care of the cats.' So I'm just sitting here in an empty apartment now," she said in her confessional. 

Now, the question is: Should Olivia take Brett back into her life given what went down between them? Time will tell. 

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