#LifeGoesOnTeaser2 trends worldwide as BTS Army celebrates director Jungkook and Taehyung's 'husky voice'

The 'Life Goes On Teaser' official MV is scheduled to release on November 20 at 12 am ET, and it is directed by BTS member Jeon Jung-kook

                            #LifeGoesOnTeaser2 trends worldwide as BTS Army celebrates director Jungkook and Taehyung's 'husky voice'

'Life Goes On Teaser' has gained the attention of the BTS army again as the second teaser of the K-pop group's next original MV was released. The original MV is scheduled to release on November 20 at 12 am ET and is directed by one of the band members Jungkook. It features all members of the band -- Taehyung, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope. BigHit Entertainment had already released the first teaser on Twitter for the MV and fans had praised Jungkook for his brilliant work. In the second teaser, the army gets the added benefit of hearing Taehyung aka V's brilliant and "husky voice". 

Jungkook has also directed short clips previously and for the Golden Closet Film (G.C.F.) travel vlog series which was all about BTS members in different locations that the members had traveled to together. 'Life Goes On' along with 'Dynamite' will be featured in BTS' upcoming album 'BE' that is also scheduled to release on November 20. BTS is also expected to make their debut live television performance of 'Life Goes On', at the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 22. 


The first teaser featured the BTS members get cozy as they got together in a pretty terrace surrounding with an outdoor fireplace before they head indoors, change into their pajamas, and all of this while there is a beautiful piano and guitar instrumental in the background. In the second teaser, we see black and white shots of all the members of the band and also a stunning shot of Jungkook holding a camera at the end of the teaser. The song that plays in the background is by Taehyung and it has caught the attention of fans. 

One fan wrote, "Feeling refreshed after seeing this and hearing I Remember by our beautiful TaePurple heart #lifeGoesOnTeaser2 @BTS_twt." Another fan wrote, "I think I I CAN'T BREATH! I mean Taehyung's husky voice, black and white vibes, and Director Jungkook and what not omg! #LifeGoesOn #LifeGoesOnTeaser2." One fan compared Taehyung's 'I Remember' and wrote, "'I Remember' they're the most beautiful views. #lifeGoesOnTeaser2 #[email protected]_twt. Jungkook View from the eye of Tae. Tae view from the Eye of Jungkook."




Comments also poured in on YouTube and one fan wrote, "I'm so proud of our Jungkookie for directing this new comeback material. Filmmaking was one of his passions and he turned it into a professional project. I am so happy that he is doing what he loves and is expressing his creativity in many different areas: singing, dancing, editing, directing, producing. Well done, JK!" Another fan added, "This is such a big step for BTS and ARMY. They have put so much into this, hats off to all the members for their hard work and determination along with so much love for this album, and have been so expressive and creative of their interests. This is so good, JK has done so well. The MV is something I am so excited to see and we all know it is going to be the best. Fighting Bangtan!!"

Fans also shared how BTS is socially responsible and shared, "I think BE is a perfect example of how artists need to be responsive to society... not just through music, but through how that music is presented & shared. This whole comeback has felt natural, introspective, & nostalgic. Reflects the world right now. @BTS_twt
#LifeGoesOnTeaser2." To this, another fan responded, "I just read a quote from Bang PD yesterday that said that what makes BTS is their 'sincerity, consistency and ability to capture the spirit of the times' (or something like that), and that's it exactly."


There was more support and one fan wrote, "Yes absolutely, I think this is a quality that makes BTS resonate with so many, and why all their content and achievement feel so personal to us all. #1DaysBEforeBE #LifeGoesOnTeaser2" Another shared, "It's well known to ARMY that putting the best foot forward is the only path BTS follows. It comes out after all possible filters applied by them n their team. All we need is to believe the process."



'BTS' recently swept the awards away at the People's Choice Awards. 

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