'Life After Lockup': Are Angela and Tony coming back? Fans want couple to return but here's the bitter truth

Angela and Tony had a massive fight in the previous season after he returned from his four-month-long break

                            'Life After Lockup': Are Angela and Tony coming back? Fans want couple to return but here's the bitter truth
Tony and Angela (WE tv)

Tony and Angela had a stormy relationship and a stormier marriage that probably lasted 24 hours before she reprimanded her newly-wed husband on discovering he had cheated on her. Ideally, there should have been a closing conversation but Tony went MIA instead, which frustrated Angela even more. 

In the previous season of 'Life After Lockup', we saw how it had been four months since Tony has gotten in touch with Angela. She was contemplating moving on and she finally did but not before she gave Tony a piece of her mind. 

She said she had moved on with prison pen pal Ross who she had been chatting with for a while. Although Tony was distraught and confused about how he could save his dying marriage, Angela said they were never married because she didn't file the papers. And that's where their chapter ended. 

As the new season of 'Life After Lockup' begins on November 20, fans are surprised to see that the couples list doesn't feature Tony and Angela. While they want them back, the network confirmed that the couple has split, according to a report by Soapdirt.

"I would say bring back Angela/Tony, dump Sara/Michael and Andrea/Lamar," a fan commented on the show's Instagram handle, while another expressed: "Where is Angela and Tony? They are my favorites." "mine too!! I wanna know what happened with the other guy she was talking to," a user echoed. 

"They are the fakest ones now lol so horribly scripted even tho Angela has secretly always been batman," a fan pointed out. "Man they keep me laughing. They were the highlight of the show. I'm big mad they won't be on this season," a user posted.

Since the previous season ended with Angela moving on with Ross, and Tony wanting to get back with her, there could have been a story there, a love triangle perhaps. Maybe the network will consider this angle someday and pursue it, however, for now, it seems as though that chapter is done and dusted.

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