'Life After Lockup': Lindsey digs up dirt on Scott, finds naked pictures of escorts and an app for hidden cameras

Scott possibly lied about his financial status too but Lindsey is not far behind with her girlfriend from prison

                            'Life After Lockup': Lindsey digs up dirt on Scott, finds naked pictures of escorts and an app for hidden cameras
Scott, Lindsey (WE tv)

Lindsey was in for a surprise when she went rummaging through Scott's home office. In Chandler Bing's word: "Cans open, worms everywhere." Not only did she find the rental agreement of the house, which she was told was bought, Lindsey also stumbled upon a camera app that controlled the hidden cameras in the house. And that's just the tip of iceberg. 

She also came across a file that had photocopies of every letter that was sent to letter - whether they were from her friends, ex lovers, or family members. Lindsey had started to get shocked when she discovered the phone that had messages from prostitutes, whom Scott invited over to have a good time while Lindsey was locked up in prison. There were even naked pictures of the girls he had been with. 

Lindsey was surprised to no end because she had pictured a whole new life with him. They'd have a big house and would happily live ever after but Scott is hardly a millionaire. Although, there's not much evidence but he seems to be lying about her financial status. 

Lindsey went double agent on Scott after he asked a string of questions to her and even reached out to her ex boyfriend asking if Lindsey could be trusted. That was quite the buzzkill for Lindsey. Although, Scott has always maintained that he has wanted to build a loving relationship with the "love of his life."

Scott may have his secrets but Lindsey is not far behind with a whole girlfriend, Tara Belle, whom Scott thinks is a good friend from prison. Lindsey even managed to convince Scott to have her over and set up shop in their neighborhood. That way Lindsey and Tara Belle can be together. 

However, the question now really is: Why did Scott hide his secret hookups when he reached out to Lindsey's ex while trying to get a handle on what kind of person she is? Time will tell. Here's hoping he is able to come clean and has a good reason for hiding it all along. 

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