'Life After Lockup': What is Shawn Osborne's net worth? Here's why he asks Kelly for $1,000 to look for Destinie

Shawn is yet to catch hold of Destinie who has been absconding for a while now

                            'Life After Lockup': What is Shawn Osborne's net worth? Here's why he asks Kelly for $1,000 to look for Destinie
Shawn and Destinie (WE tv)

Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom's relationship is this close to falling apart. Even though they are engaged, the couple has hardly spent time together because there was always something else to take care of. 

Destinie bailed on Shawn after leaving him in the dark about her pregnancy. Although later it turned out she was fine and not expecting, he has no idea about what happened to her. He even reached out to her sister but she has not been helpful. 

As we know, he has paid $50,000 for her court proceedings. But that was not the last of his purchases. He arranged for a fancy Los Angeles vacation for her, gave her his credit card and everything else she needed to lead a comfortable life. And yet, that was not enough. She flipped out on him after learning about Kelly's presence in his life. Kelly is Shawn's partner, with whom he has six kids. They co-parent and he sends her money so that she can take care of them. 

So, where does all this money come from? Although not much is known about his profession or net worth, a Starcasm report suggests he's broke, which explains why he would go to Kelly asking for $1,000 so that he can look for Destinie. Kelly declined his repeated requests at first, but when he explained his situation and said that if he doesn't go searching for Destinie he may not get back his money and then, their kids won't have enough.

By then, Kelly was visibly concerned and so, hesitantly agreed to Shawn's demand. Shawn apparently has an extensive history of financial issues, which include filing for bankruptcy and multiple evictions.

Reportedly, Kelly even launched a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her and the children. "Shawn being sued by the towing company he worked for in March of last year, and an eviction filing against Shawn in April of this year," the report read. How will things work out between the three of them? Time will tell.

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