‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’: Kimbella picks a fight with Yandy due to their bitter past, fans call her a 'jealous b***h'

'LHHNY' fans feel Kimbella is jealous of Yandy and has been holding onto anger for many years against her

                            ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’: Kimbella picks a fight with Yandy due to their bitter past, fans call her a 'jealous b***h'
Kimbella 'Kim' Vanderhee and Yandy Smith (Getty Images)

Kimbella ‘Kim’ Vanderhee sure knows how to hold grudges. Recall Season 2, when the ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ star made her debut on the show? She came in hot and immediately picked a fight with Jim Jones’s girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin. Chrissy dragged Kim to the floor and beat her up when Kim proudly declared that she had a brief fling with Fabulous while he was still with Chrissy’s friend and former ‘LHHNY’ star Emily Bustamante. The fight became one of the iconic scenes of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ franchise though its over a decade old, and clearly, still bothers Kim.
If you thought Kim was bothered by Chrissy for laying hands on her, you couldn’t be more wrong. In a surprise turn of events, Kim and Chrissy became close friends, and Yandy Smith is at the receiving end of Kim’s wrath. We were just as surprised when we heard Kim directing her anger at Yandy on the latest episode. Kim accuses Yandy of not coming in to support her during the fight with Chrissy, and calls her out for being a “fake friend”. Yandy gets upset when Kim continues accusing Yandy of several things like being a “fake person”, a “fake businesswoman”, amongst many other things. At one point Kim even throws her drink towards Yandy. This is when Yandy snaps and comes at Kim and tries to drag her just the way Chrissy did.


Fans cheered Yandy as she came for Kim, and accused Kim of not being a real friend. A fan tweeted, “Kimbella , girl BYE . you coming across like a bitter jealous b*tch . you was holdin onto all that anger towards yandy for YEARS ?! That means you were never a real friend like you claim . #LHHNY.” Another fan wrote, “Kimbella is jealous of Yandy. You cant be friends with someone who wants your life. She was thirsty for a reaction from Yandy and I'm mad Yandy gave it to her #LHHNY.” “Yandy has had ENOUGH of Kimbella!!! Please drag her lmaooooo 😂😂😂Kim knows she only famous because of Juelz and the many, many artists she slept with. Yandy didn’t have to do any of that and she’s smart af. Girl, just admit that you’re jealous of Yandy and move on. #LHHNY”, pointed out a fan.


Another fan commented, “Kimbella we all know you jealous of Yandy cause she actually has things going on in her life #LHHNY.” Fans also felt that it was ironical that Kim is friends with Chrissy who attacked her, but is upset with Yandy. A fan expressed, “Kimbella is ridiculous!  You upset about Yandy not saving you from the beast coming at you but you now friends with the beast?  You are not a good friend and you are shady.  Ladies, don’t trust Kimbella.  She’s the down-low hater type of friend.  #LHHNY.” Another fan echoed similar sentiments with, “Kimbella dumb af how you friends with someone that put hands on you but you mad at Yandy? Didn't see you coming at Chrissy like that she know who to play with! #LHHNY.”

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