'Love & Hip Hop: New York': Safaree makes wife Erica's birthday party all about himself and fans are amused

'Love & Hip Hop: New York': Safaree makes wife Erica's birthday party all about himself and fans are amused
Erica Mena, Safaree Samuels (Getty Images)

After watching the latest episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' we were left wondering if Safaree Samuels took self-love a bit too far.

The newly-wed groom decided to celebrate his wife Erica Mena's birthday by throwing a beautiful party for her. You might be thinking that is so sweet and thoughtful of him and that’s what we thought too, until the couple entered the venue and were greeted by huge posters of Safaree's pictures plastered everywhere and just one tiny picture of the birthday girl hanging in a corner of a wall.
If you didn't know it was Erica’s birthday, you'd think the party was in Safaree's honor. After seeing her husband’s pictures everywhere, she asks him why her pictures weren't the center of focus considering that it is her birthday. This is when Safaree unleashes his famous "corny-ness" and tells her that it's his birthday too. At this point Erica gets upset and starts crying because she feels he is making fun of her.
Fans were amused after watching this rather bizarre party décor.


A fan tweeted, "You know I really thought Safaree was pranking with all these pictures from him for Erica’s Bday... but he was dead ass #LHHNY."

Another fan wrote, "I'm cracking the f*** up. Safaree really put pictures of himself at Ericas Bday party. He so damn vain  #LHHNY." "FAM Safaree has to be the DUMBEST man on the planet LMAO. Like how you planned a party for your wife and there are only pictures of you all over the walls what kind of mess #LHHNY," pointed out a fan.


“Safaree posted pictures of himself at Erica Mena's birthday party lol #LHHNY," commented an amused fan.

Another fan questioned, “This n**** @IAMSAFAREE has me dead af!! Why did you put pictures up of yourself all over Ericas party 😂😂 #LHHNY."


"I would slap the hell outta Safaree for all these pictures!!! #LHHNY," declared a fan. "Wait why is Safaree pictures up at her birthday?? 😂😂😂 the foolery #LHHNY," joked a fan. "Bruh Safaree really hella pictures of himself all over Erica’s birthday venue he’s so goofy it’s hilarious! #LHHNY," observed a fan.
What did you think of Safaree's party décor idea? Let us know.

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