'Love & Hip Hop: New York': Phresher goes ring shopping though he is neck-deep in debt, fans wonder why

'Love & Hip Hop: New York': Phresher goes ring shopping though he is neck-deep in debt, fans wonder why
Phresher (Noam Galai/Getty Images for Billboard)

After watching Phresher's spending habits, one thing is for sure. He won't be getting out of his money woes anytime soon.

Since the beginning of this season, we have been seeing this rapper struggle with cash problems. In an earlier episode, we learned that he owes a girl named Jada $60K, and then in the previous episode, we saw him come up with a payment plan to clear her debt. Just as we were beginning to feel glad that he is finally getting his act together, the New York-based rapper goes ahead and makes another dumb financial decision.
While still owing money to Jada, he takes out another loan to buy a house. Hold your horses because he is still not done with making his bad financial moves yet. On the latest episode, we saw him shell out some more cash (which he doesn’t have) to buy an engagement ring for his baby mamma Jenn while continuing to complain about not having money.


Although he tries justifying his big purchases in the name of investments, fans are not buying it.


A fan tweeted, "LOANNNNNNNNN for an ENGAGEMENT RING y’all didn’t need it PHRESHER #LHHNY." Another fan wrote, "Phresher complaining he's strapped for cash and thinks the fiscally prudent thing to do is buy a ring?! #LHHNY."

Fans began questioning Phresher's decision to buy a house and ring instead of paying back Jada her money. A fan commented, "How phresher got money for a ring but dont got money to put down on the debt he owe jada? #LHHNY. (sic)" Another fan shared, "How is Phresher gonna pay for this ring??? He already said he’s strapped for cash and barely can pay that girl the 40k #LHHNY."
"So wait a minute Phresher is supposed to have money to pay Jada back, buy Jenn a house, run a company, get new furniture & buy a ring? Awww heck no. If he had all this money he wouldn't been using Jada's in the 1st place. #LHHNY #LHH," expressed another fan. "Phresher dropped Jaydas money on that ring and house, yikes!!!  #LHHNY," wrote a fan. Another fan joked, "Phresher bout to pawn Jenn ring to pay them court fees  #lhhny."

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