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‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’: Fans think Amara should ditch Julian after Trina threatened to end his career

'LHHMIA' fans felt that Amara should stay as far away from Julian as possible if she wants to save her career from the wrath of Trina.
UPDATED JAN 14, 2020
Trina and Amara La Negra (VH1)
Trina and Amara La Negra (VH1)

If you mess with the “baddest bitch” Trina, you can rest assured that she will leave no stone unturned to show you hell. On the latest episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’, the rapper had all of her wrath directed at her former business partner/manager Julian Boothe. Julian allegedly stole a whopping $300k from her, and disappeared into thin air only to pop up at her fellow cast member Amara La Negra’s showcase party.
After hearing rumors about Julian’s embezzlement, Amara catches up with Trina to hear her side of the story. Trina makes it clear to Amara that she will end Julian’s career and advises her to get a new manager. While Amara looked rattled, she still had trouble believing that her manager would try to hurt her or her career. So she meets up with Julian to discuss the situation with Trina. Julian tries to convince Amara that $300k was his and Trina’s. Their discussion ends with Amara begging him to fix things with Trina so that her career won’t be sabotaged due to his issues with Trina.


Fans believed Amara should just drop Julian and not get in the way of Trina and her wrath. A fan tweeted, “Amara needs to drop Julian ASAP!! #LHHMIA.”

Another fan wrote, “Amara go with what Trina said. Julian looks shady. If Trina said that it then it’s true #LHHMIA.”

“Amara, sweetie, Trina “Don’t Do Mess” Taylor is telling YOU that 1. Your manager is shady bootz, 2. Get a new manager, 3. She’s suing him for every penny he got and 4. You’re his ONLY client. #LHHMIA,” pointed out a fan.

Fans also pointed out to Amara that if Julian could cheat Trina, he could easily cheat her too. A fan shared, “Trina been in this game for a long time with the credits to match if this man fucked her over Amara what makes you think he won’t scam yo ass #LHHMIA.”

Another fan expressed, “Amara if Julian can steal $300,000 from Trina he can take your banana boat sis!!!!  #LHHMIA.”

Fans even pointed out Amara’s career as an example of Julian’s caliber. A fan observed, “Everybody is saying the same thing but, Amara is naive/giving Julian the benefit of the doubt. That should be a RED FLAG b/c of how slow her career is going. #LHHMIA”.
You can catch all the episodes of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Season 3 every Monday at 9/8 c only on VH1.