‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’: Trick Daddy quits after show airs his mugshot, fans are puzzled by his meltdown

‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’: Trick Daddy quits after show airs his mugshot, fans are puzzled by his meltdown
Trick Daddy (Getty Images)

Trick Daddy has finally pulled the plug on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ and has quit the show. On the recently aired episode, we saw the production team at his house filming him, when out of blue he just went off on them. He called out the producer for putting his mugshot on air and making him look like a “criminal”.

He then yelled that he was out and they need to find someone else. In an earlier episode, we saw the news of Trick’s arrest make headlines. The Florida-based rapper was arrested for possession of illegal substances and DUI.
Fans were puzzled as to why Trick was making such a fuss about the show putting up his mugshot on air when it was all over the place anyway and the public would have seen it. A fan wrote, “#Lhhmia oh Trick Daddy cursing out Laura the producers talking about his mugshot plastered on television well what do you expect when you on @loveandhiphop  your business is their business and you signed your contract with @BigFishUSA  and @VH1 what you expect to happen.”


Another fan tweeted, “Ok so Trick daddy going off and VH1 wasnt suppose to show his mugshot....but ummm aint he on a reality show....cause even if he wasnt on love and hip hop we STILL would of seen his mugshot one way or the other and heard about him getting arrested on the blogs #LHHMIA.” “Ok so I love Trick Daddy and everything, but did he say @VH1 made him look like a criminal?? Not your arrest record, but VH1!? Lolll #LHHMIA,” pointed out an amused fan.

Few fans felt that Trick should be careful with his words, in case the showrunners actually decide to let go of him. A fan shared, “Alright Trina and Trick Daddy dont piss off Love & Hip Hop too much y’all see what happened with Joseline Hernandez and look she’s right back on here!!! #LHHMIA.” Thankfully, that wasn’t the last of Trick’s appearance on the show, we saw him towards the end of the episode when he surprised Trina and Joy by flying to the Bahamas to honor Trina’s mother’s birthday celebrations.
You can catch new episodes of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Season 3 every Monday at 9/8 c only on VH1.

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