‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Season 3: Fans unhappy with the way Amara rejected Jojo's apology at her party

'LHHMIA' fans think that Amara may have changed her mind about forgiving Jojo after Shay confronted her.

                            ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Season 3: Fans unhappy with the way Amara rejected Jojo's apology at her party
Jojo Zarur, Amara La Negra and Shay Johnson on 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' (VH1)

Season 2 of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ saw the friendship between Amara La Negra and Jojo Zarur fading away, thanks to Jojo accusing Amara’s mother of doing voodoo on her due to which her business started tanking, and her relationship went bust. Amara was unhappy with her former best friend dragging her mother into their argument and decided to cut ties.  
It’s a brand new season, and seems like Amara wants to turn a fresh leaf and reaches out to Jojo and extends an invite to her single release party. Both Amara and Jojo reveal to Bobby that they still love each other and care for one other. Just as we were getting ready to see this friendship bloom again, Amara’s boyfriend’s sister Shay Johnson expresses her displeasure over Jojo being invited to the party.
Shay too has her own beef with Jojo and feels that Amara wronged her by inviting Jojo without checking with her. Shay confronts the singer, following which she angrily walks out of the party. A little later when Jojo walks in she pulls Amara aside to apologize to her and see if they can put their differences aside and move forward.
Amara hears out Jojo patiently and then shocks everybody when she responds saying that they can never be friends after all that Jojo did to her, and adds that all the interviews and posts Jojo made about Amara left her feeling hurt.



Fans were left feeling both confused and unhappy with the way Amara handled the situation with Jojo. A fan tweeted, “Amara is overreacting...You did all that just to tell JoJo you can't be friends. What was the purpose of all that talk then? #LHHMIA”. Another fan wrote, “Amara you invite Jojo to your event knowing the friendship was over. Why invite her? Now I hope she snatch your fake afro next time! #LHHMIA”.
“#LHHMIA so Amara invited JoJo to her party to embarrass her?  That's weak and whack.  Girl you invited her to break the peace.  The girl apologizes and you try to humiliate her with this energy?  Bye”, pointed out a fan. “If Amara still felt a way she should have just uninvited Jojo. Had her coming to your party just for you to reject her is messed up. #LHHMIA”, observed a fan. Another fan commented, “Amara was wack for the way she treated Jojo! Both of their hands were dirty during that feud!  #LHHMIA”.
Many fans felt that Amara wanted to forgive Jojo but after Shay’s confrontation, she had a change of mind. A fan wrote, “I believe Amara would have forgave JoJo if Shay didn’t do all that rah rah #LHHMIA”. “Nahh Shay scared Amara into NOT accepting JOJO apology. Lmao how convenient she had a change of heart right when Shay went off .#LHHMIA”, commented a fan. Another fan expressed, “I think Amara clearly invited Jojo to mend their relationship, but she let Shay’s goofy self get in her head, and therefore dismissed her. Wack. 😪 #LHHMIA #LHHMiami”.
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