'Love & Hip Hop: Miami': Trick Daddy's undying love for Joy has fans rooting for them to get back together

'Love & Hip Hop: Miami': Trick Daddy's undying love for Joy has fans rooting for them to get back together
Joy Young, Trick Daddy (VH1)

When you watch Trick Daddy and his soon-to-be ex-wife Joy Young on 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami', you can’t deny that these two are in love with each other.

For the past two seasons of 'LHHMIA', we saw Joy nagging Trick to give her a divorce, though he procrastinated it for the longest time. Fans thought that Trick’s disinterest in divorcing Joy had more to with alimony payments, but after watching the past few episodes of Season 3, the writing is clear on the wall. Trick Daddy is still deeply in love with Joy and that could be the reason for his hesitance to divorce her.
On the latest episode of 'LHHMIA', we saw Joy and her cousin Trina meet Trick after he was arrested for DUI and possession of illegal substance. Joy demanded an explanation from Trick and warned him not to mess with his health. She eventually softened a bit and reassured him that she cared for him and just wanted him to stay healthy and happy. Tough guy Trick melted into a puddle of mush on hearing those words from Joy, making fans come to the conclusion that he still has his heart set on Joy.



Fans began tweeting about how the couple needs to get back together, considering the love and respect they have for each other.

A fan tweeted, "Joy and Trick needs to get back together, the love is more then there #LHHMIA."

Another fan wrote, "Joy just get back with trick daddy already #LHHMIA."

"If only there was a way for Trick and Joy to rekindle their love #LHHMIA," expressed a fan. “I love how much Joy (Trick Daddy’s soon-to-be ex wife) rides for him... this situation is sad AF. #LHHMIA," shared a fan.

Another fan wrote, "Awww all Trick wanted to hear was that joy cared #LHHMIA." "Despite everything Joy is in his corner for real! I see why Trick don’t want to let her go #LHHMIA," concluded a fan.
Do you think Trick and Joy should get back together? Let us know.


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