'Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood' fans wonder why Apple was fighting harder than Lyrica to save her marriage with A1

'Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood' fans wonder why Apple was fighting harder than Lyrica to save her marriage with A1

'LHHH' star Apple Watts has time and again proven herself to be a loyal friend, one who lives by the adage of "ride or die". On the latest episode of 'LHHH', we saw this aspiring rapper display that spirit when she picked a fight with her dear friend, Lyrica Anderson's husband's former mistress — Summer Bunni.

A1 Bentley and his wife Lyrica were at YoYo's anniversary party along with their friend Apple, when they suddenly noticed Summer outside the party.

While A1 convinced his wife to not get into any fights or create a scene with Summer, Apple did Lyrica's bidding for her. Apple got so caught up that she pulled her own wig off and was all set to take down her friend's husband's mistress.

While the couple stood in the sidelines watching and laughing at Apple's behavior, Apple could be heard shouting and cussing at Summer.

Summer wasn’t allowed inside the party so no physical confrontation transpired. However, fans couldn't help but wonder why Apple was getting so worked up over Summer's presence and fighting so hard to save Lyrica and A1's marriage, while Lyrica couldn't have looked more disinterested.



A fan tweeted, "If Apple Watts went half as hard for her own damn career as she does for Lyrica and her on again off again marriage, she might have a shot at a career, but right now she should just play the role of Lyrica's bodyguard and call it a day. #LHHH @LHH @loveandhiphop."

Another fan commented, "Why is Apple fighting harder for Lyrica's marriage than Lyrica??? Didn't she meet them last season? #lhhhollywood #lhhh."

While fans appreciated Apple's loyalty, they felt that it should have been Lyrica fighting Summer and not the other way round.

One fan commented, "If Lyrica ain't about shit then idk why Apple trynna fight Summer Bunni... it wasn't even your man? Lyrica need to stand up for HERSELF and HER marriage on HER own! Period! SN: I do respect Apples loyalty.  #lhhh."


Another fan echoed similar sentiments with, "I love how Apple rides for her friends, but Lyrica needs to be the one going off on Summer.. I mean she trying to fight Brittney for whatever reason #LHHH."

"I wish lyrica would match apples vibe because it’s 'lyricas husband' #LHHH," pointed out a fan.
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