‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Shooter says Cheyenne’s ‘position has been filled’, fans call him trash

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Shooter says Cheyenne’s ‘position has been filled’, fans call him trash
Shooter Gates and Cheyenne (VH1)

Being Shooter Gates’ girlfriend is apparently a job you need to apply for and stay put, otherwise you'll be replaced without even knowing about it. On the latest episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Shooter went ahead and tried embarrassing his ex-girlfriend Cheyenne further by agreeing to meet her up to discuss their current relationship status.
Cheyenne was taken by surprise when Shooter brought another girl with him to a party she was at and didn’t even bother explaining to Cheyenne about who the girl is or why he was with another girl, when they had still not broken up. The previous episode saw Cheyenne learning that Shooter is seeing a girl called Kiyomi Leslie. So, Cheyenne gets Shooter and KIyomi to meet her up to understand the situation.
When Cheyenne confronts Shooter about Kiyomi, he simply puts the blame on her saying she was too focused on her career and wasn’t around for him so he replaced her. He simply says he can’t give her the previous job back because the “position has been filled.” According to Shooter, Cheyenne trying to build a career for herself instead of being around him at his beck and call is good enough a reason to drop Cheyenne and go find another girlf or himself without even letting Cheyenne know about it.
Just like Cheyenne, fans too were fuming at how condescendingly Shooter was talking about a relationship. A fan tweeted, “Position been filled?” I’m sorry, but that was sooooooo rude and so degrading. There’s nothing macho and manly about that. Shooter is absolute garbage.  #lhhatl.”

Another fan wrote, “Shooter told Cheyenne her position been filled, he ain't sh*t. He was hiring? #LHHATL.”

“Did shooter just tell Cheyenne her position has been filled? Whew chile. #LHHATL,” expressed a fan.

Another fan commented, “This fool said your position been filled...Shooter you ain't all that...You don't even use proper grammar... #LHHATL.”

“Shooter is trash!!! "Your position been filled, baby I hope he uses that on Kiyomi too. #LHHATL,” expressed a fan.
Several fans felt that Shooter did a favor to Cheyenne by dumping her and letting her focus on her career. A fan wrote, “Shooter did you a favor CHEYENNE...#LHHATL.” Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Cheyenne shooter did you a favor now run #LHHATL.”


“Cheyenne will be ok. She has a career and business. And seems to have learned from her embarrassment #LHHATL,” pointed out a fan. Another fan tweeted, “I hope Cheyenne looks back at this and say thank ya jesus from delivering me from this clown.  #LHHATL.”

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