‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Fans call Sierra 'selfish' for going on a trip while Rasheeda stays back for stepson

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Fans call Sierra 'selfish' for going on a trip while Rasheeda stays back for stepson
Sierra Gates and Rasheeda Frost (VH1)

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ fans were very disappointed with Sierra Gates when she chose to go on a skiing trip with the ladies instead of spending time with her daughter, Paris. Sierra’s daughter was attacked at her school by a fellow student and her mother. Paris was left shaken after the attack and expressed her fears about going back to school.
Paris’s attacker happens to live in the same building as Sierra, so it was understandable why Paris was so uncomfortable about the whole situation. Instead of spending time with her daughter and helping her heal, Sierra just decides to go on a ski trip.
Interestingly, Rasheeda Frost, who had planned the whole trip, canceled at the last minute after her stepson got into trouble. So when Sierra’s friend Karlie Redd hears that she is still planning on coming to the trip, she slams Sierra’s decision for prioritizing a vacation over her daughter who was recently assaulted at her school.

Fans too sided with Karlie and called Sierra “selfish” for going on the trip. A fan tweeted, “Sierra selfish how u gone leave your traumatized daughter by herself to go on a lame-a** ski trip. #LHHATL.”

Another fan wrote, “Now Sierra did not just say she’s giving her 14 year old daughter (who just got beaten up by another GROWN woman) some space by going on a whole skiing trip? Smh #LHHATL.”


“Sierra need to be home with her child, bonding.. not going on a trip #LHHATL,” pointed out a fan.
“Karlie definitely said something i agree with. If my daughter was just assaulted, i wouldn’t be on a trip, and if i was...my daughter would be with me. Truth. Cause idk how Sierra is on this trip or hasn’t beat that woman’s ass yet #LHHATL,” said a fan.


Fans also began comparing Sierra with Rasheeda, who chose to stay at home to take care of her stepson. A fan wrote, “So Rasheeda's stepson is in trouble so she doesn't go on the trip, but Sierra's daughter is attacked and she's giving her space by going skiing?  I can't.  #LHHATL.”
Another fan commented, “Rasheeda plans the trip but has issues at home so prioritizes and stays home. Sierra’s daughter gets jumped and she going cause she needs a break? Not judging, just saying. #LHHATL.”


“The fact that Rasheeda isn't going on a trip because of her stepson being pulled over and Sierra still going after her daughter got jumped is very telling. #LHHATL,” observed a fan.

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