‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Preview: Bambi tells Scrappy and mom Cece about her pregnancy but forgets Momma Dee

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Preview: Bambi tells Scrappy and mom Cece about her pregnancy but forgets Momma Dee
Scrappy, Bambi, and Momma Dee (VH1)

Ever since Bambi found out that she was pregnant with her second child, she couldn’t wait to tell her husband, Scrappy about it. Bambi happened to be on a ski trip with the girls when she found out that she was pregnant, and she didn’t want to break this big news over the phone to Scrappy. So, she decided to wait until she got back home to surprise her husband.

In the cliffhanger shown for the upcoming episode, we see Bambi finally sharing the good news with her husband. She takes him to some sort of a medieval-themed restaurant, where the couple can be seen getting knighted. Just before they knight Scrappy, they announce that the couple is expecting their second child. Scrappy looks ecstatic at the news, while Bambi seems pleased with the surprise she planned out and her husband’s reaction to the big news.

But drama is never too far away for this couple. According to the preview clip, it seems like while Bambi and Scrappy happily announced the big news to the world on their social media, they forgot to inform one another person- Momma Dee. Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee has always insisted on being a part of every aspect of the couple’s life, so when she heard the news of her expecting daughter-in-law and a grandchild via social media, she wasn’t happy.

We see Momma Dee confronting the couple as to why she had to find out such big news through social media and why the couple never informed it to her personally. What further irks Momma Dee is the fact that Bambi’s mother Cece seems to be aware of it. Bambi tries her best to diffuse the situation by apologizing to an angry Momma Dee.

Cece happens to be in the same room when Momma Dee is seen confronting the couple. Instead of coming to defend the couple or her daughter, she pokes fun at Momma Dee for being the last person to know about Bambi’s pregnancy. This heightens the tension in the room, leading to Scrappy walking out on them in frustration.
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