Omeretta's mom Akilah calls her 'weird' for feeling abandoned, fans fear 'LHHATL' star is hurt

'How is omeretta weird for feeling the way she feel #LHHATL,' wondered a fan

                            Omeretta's mom Akilah calls her 'weird' for feeling abandoned, fans fear 'LHHATL' star is hurt
'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' star Omeretta the Great (r) and her mother Akilah (VH1)

Toxic family members and situations have been an integral part of 'Love & Hip Hop' franchises for as long as we can remember. Season 10 of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' too is banking on it to give us a closer look at all the drama and chaos that goes on in the cast members' lives. 

New cast member Omeretta the Great has always been very vocal about having a very rough childhood. She took all of her tough experiences and put it in a song and rapped about it. Her bitter experiences included her mother- Akilah's treatment of her. Omeretta accused her mother of prioritizing the men in her life over her children and staying in an abusive relationship. When Akilah heard her daughter's song, she felt that it was a diss track directed at her. This created tension between the mother-daughter duo.


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The recently aired episode of 'LHHATL' featured Omeretta's sister Khadijah stepping in and trying to resolve the conflict between her mother and sister. Unfortunately, Khadijah taking her mother's side and urging Omeretta to forget and move on from the past didn't sit well with the 'LHHATL' star. Later when Omeretta once again tried explaining to her mother and sister about her feelings of being abandoned as a child and asking them to just acknowledge her feelings, both Akilah and Khadijah dismissed it.

Akilah was adamant about never prioritizing anybody over her children, although she did acknowledge that some of her relationships were abusive. Omeretta felt that her mother was embarrassed to acknowledge the truth. Akilah simply called her daughter 'weird' for feeling abandoned and hanging onto some memory of her childhood and walked away.

When fans saw how things went down between Omeretta and her family, they began feeling sorry for her. A fan tweeted, "I feel for Omeretta. The gaslighting. The hurt. The invalidation of her feelings. The delusion. Been there. It hurts. But you will grow beyond this situation with or without the apology you are owed #LHHATL." Another fan wrote, "Whew Chile Omeretta needs a therapist . At this point the mother not gonna be honest on National TV she doesn’t want that backlash of putting d*ck before her kids ! Which a lot of BLACK MOTHERS did that to their kids  #LHHATL." "If anything omeretta’s mama, and sister is proving her point! She keeps telling them what the issue is, and they keep dismissing her feelings… #lhhatl," pointed a fan. "I hope @omeretta4l get rich and leave her toxic a** family where they at. Smh ain’t no way. #LHHATL," commented a fan.







Many fans also slammed Akilah for calling her daughter 'weird' just for expressing her feelings of abandonment. A fan shared, "It’s odd that you would call your own child weird for wanting an apology from you because you put a man first. Like that’s not odd that’s a chance for you to be an adult. Like an ACTUAL adult #LHHATL." "How is your daughter weird for feeling abandoned, unloved and uncared for? acknowledge her feelings, apologize and try to be a better mother today than you were yesterday! #LHHATL," wondered a fan. Another fan added, "How is omeretta weird for feeling the way she feel #LHHATL."





'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 10 airs every Monday at 8/7c on VH1. 

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