'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Karlie questions Alexis' trafficking story, fans call her out for crossing the line

'LHHATL' fans were taken aback with Karlie's reaction to Alexis' experience as a victim of human trafficking

                            'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Karlie questions Alexis' trafficking story, fans call her out for crossing the line
Karlie Redd and Alexis Skyy (Getty Images)

It took a lot of courage for Alexis Skyy to open up about her experience as a victim of human trafficking. In an earlier episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta', the reality star spoke about how she was taken hostage at the age of 15, after she ran away from her home and forced into trafficking.

So, when Mimi Faust suggested to the ladies on the show that she could organize a self-defense class for them, Alexis was more than ready for it. She explained why self-defense is essential by bringing up her past as a victim of trafficking. 

While all the ladies around her express their sympathy for her, Karlie Redd begins questioning Alexis' story. Karlie reveals that her ex-husband Moe told her that he met Alexis when she was 16.

Alexis points out the flaw in Moe's story by saying that she was still trapped by her trafficker. Karlie keeps saying that that's what Moe told her, and didn't seem too keen on hearing what Alexis had to say. Karlie openly casts suspicion at Alexis' story, which ends with Alexis storming out in tears.

Fans were unhappy with Karlie's behavior towards Alexis. They felt that she was way out of line for questioning Alexis' story. A fan tweeted, "The same way Karlie doesn’t believe Alexis Skyy is the same situation that happened with K. Michelle & Rasheeda. You can't tell a female she's lying bout something she experienced!! No one was there with the women who are victims. Karlie wrong for that.. idc #LHHATL."

Another fan wrote, "Even if @alexisskyyyyyy wasn't being honest about her being a victim of sex trafficking, @KarlieRedd had NO right to question her on it in front of other people because she heard a different story from her ex that conned her. Karlie wasn't around Alexis then. SMDH #LHHATL."

"Karlie NEED her FACE Pushed in again like Sierra did!! She is WRONG for Degrading Alexis on her sex trafficking past. Now she starting with Akbar and Shekinah. Karlie is a MISERABLE A** Woman PERIOD! MESSY! @YMcTier #LHHATL #Event #Ladies," expressed a fan.

Another fan wondered, "Why the hell would Karlie's old ass even try to challenge Alexis Sky’s past?  Why would anyone lie about that? #LHHATL."


Fans also pointed out that even if she chose to believe Moe's version of Alexis' story, it paints Moe as a pedophile for attaching himself with Alexis when she was just 16.

A fan shared, "The fact that Karlie trying to make something out of Alexis Sky messing with Mo at 16 days a lot about Karlie and Mo!! Sh*t if it is true then Mo is a f***ing pedophile.  #LHHATL."

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "#LHHATL so let’s say Alexis was 16... that means he was messing with a minor cause I’m sure that man is older than her. So either way that man is trash, Karlie."

"'Mo said he met you at 16.' Karlie, you didn’t question him for being involved with a 16-year-old? Also, you’re disgusting for trying to make Alexis feel ashamed about sharing her past. #lhhatl," pointed out a fan. "Is Karlie trying to call Alexis' sex trafficking story a lie by calling her man a pedophile? Chile....#LHHATL." wondered a fan.

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