'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Shooter called out for humiliating Cheyenne, fans say he isn't worth fighting over

'LHHATL' fans felt Shooter did Cheyenne dirty by embarrassing her in public

                            'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Shooter called out for humiliating Cheyenne, fans say he isn't worth fighting over
Cheyenne and Shooter Gates (VH1)

Shooter Gates and Kiyomi Leslie brought the drama on the latest episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'. Shooter, who is in an open relationship with Kiyomi, tells her about his other girlfriend Cheyenne. He explains to Kiyomi that he and Cheyenne are done and he has no more feelings for her but wants her to be aware of Cheyenne. Unfortunately for Scooter, he never communicated with Cheyenne about the status of their relationship, for the girl has already planned their wedding in her head.
So when Kiyomi and Shooter walk in together to a game night party, Cheyenne was genuinely surprised. When she tries asking Shooter what’s going on, he simply says, “You already know what it is." He continues holding Kiyomi’s hand, while Kiyomi just bats her eyelashes and greets Cheyenne with her nickname and says she has heard a lot about Cheyenne.


Needless to say, Cheyenne is fuming with rage and demands to speak privately with Shooter while Kiyomi insists she speaks to her and Shooter together. Not only did Shooter not step in to address the situation privately with Cheyenne, but he also seemed to enjoy publicly humiliating Cheyenne. Fans called out Shooter for humiliating Cheyenne with his condescending response.
 A fan tweeted, “Shooter has the nerve to walk in talking about 'You know what it is'. You know you have not had the conversation you need to with Cheyenne. Straight CLOWN! #LHHATL.”

“Shooter f**ked up for leading Cheyenne like that though and doing that to her in public. Period. #LHHATL,” pointed out another fan.
Many fans felt that Cheyenne should have just left quietly instead of making a scene. A fan wrote, “Cheyenne should've left. Walked right by shooter like she didn't even see him. Don't ever let people make u embarrass yourself like that in public. It's beneath you. #lhhatl.”

“Shooter got Cheyenne looking like a clown. He ain’t worth fighting over  #lhhatl,” pointed out another fan. “Females see how dudes like shooter make you look like a fool now while Cheyenne over there with all them titties kicking about to fall over he over in the corner not saying nothing making her look like a fool when he knew she would be hurt but she should known better  #LHHATL,” expressed a fan.
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