'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Karlie attends Kendra's bachelorette party, fans ask why was she even invited?

'LHHATL' fans wondered what Karlie was doing at Yung Joc's fiance's bachelorette party

                            'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Karlie attends Kendra's bachelorette party, fans ask why was she even invited?
Karlie Redd, Kendra Robinson (VH1)

Fans experienced second-hand embarrassment and cringe for Karlie Redd when the reality star decided to attend Kendra Robinson’s bachelorette party. Since Kendra is getting married to Yung Joc, who happens to be Karlie’s ex, fans felt that Karlie’s presence at Kendra’s bachelorette party certainly made it awkward.
Although Kendra reveals in her confessional that she invited someone ‘messy’ like Karlie too to her party because she wanted everybody to be a part of her joyous celebrations. Unfortunately for Kendra, Karlie didn’t seem to be partaking in the happiness and joy as she could be seen throwing shade at Joc and questioning his loyalty to Kendra.
Fans couldn’t help but feel that Karlie should have just stayed back at home instead of attending Kendra's party and then throwing shade at the couple’s relationship. A fan tweeted, "I’m trying to understand how #Kendra has her fiancé #YungJoc ex #Karlie at her Bridal party! #WTH like really was going on her! TF! #LHHATL @MonaScottYoung.”

Another fan wrote, “Will someone please tell me why Karlie was even at the girls bachelorette party????? I need growth and maturity like Kendra cause I promise you my mans ex  would not be in attendance. #LHHATL.”


“Mona be pushing it. If Karlie and Kendra are cordial that's fine. But Karlie was out of place being at the bachelorette party. Straight storyline #LHHATL,” expressed a fan.

Another fan shared, “But why would Karlie even go to Kendra's bachelorette party. That just seems awkward #LHHATL.”

“Yalll shades the shit out of Joc at the party lol.. why are you here Karlie? #lhhatl,” questioned a fan. “I’m sorry but ain’t no way I’m chilling with my man’s ex, I’m definitely not inviting her to my bachelorette party, especially if she is as messy as Karlie Red #LHHATL,” expressed a fan. Considering, in an earlier episode Karlie felt that Joc was flirting with her and was still interested in her, it certainly made her presence at the bachelorette party even more questionable.
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