'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': After BK Brasco publicly humiliates Sierra, fans want her to dump the 'cheater'

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': After BK Brasco publicly humiliates Sierra, fans want her to dump the 'cheater'
Sierra Gates, BK Brasco (VH1)

The previous episode saw Sierra Gates learning about her boyfriend BK Brasco cheating on her. Sierra was upset that the man she envisioned her future with and had hoped to spend the rest of her life with was cheating on her. On the latest episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta', we see the reality star confronting BK about his roving eyes when she's not around.
He simply says that he can't help it if women find him attractive, and tries to calm Sierra down. Sierra refuses to hear any of it and declares that they are done and tells him explicitly not to attend her daughter’s birthday party.
However, BK decides to give Sierra a taste of her own medicine and reveals to the world the skeletons she has been hiding in the closet. He not only attends her daughter’s birthday party but also publicly humiliates Sierra. He gives a gift bag to Sierra and asks her to open it while all the guests stand around her waiting to see what he had gifted. BK gets her two condoms and a print out of Sierra's DMs to other men. In her confessional, Sierra admits that she did cheat on BK, but tries justifying it by saying that he was away all the time and she didn’t want to go crazy.

After watching Sierra and BK cheating on each other and especially after he publicly humiliates her, fans felt that Sierra should just break up with BK. 

A fan tweeted, "BK and Sierra should just break up already. Seems like they've hurt each other. #LHHATL." Another fan wrote, "Sierra and BK just need to leave each other alone! She's too bossed up for a n**** who thinks she’s a 'scum bag' (no I haven’t moved on from when he called her that last season) #LHHATL."


"But wait! Y’all remember when BK called Sierra a scum bag last season. For me that’s a deal breaker!!!  #LHHATL," pointed out another fan.



Fans felt that Sierra should have seen the red flags when in an earlier season multiple women came up to her and told her that they had slept with BK.

A fan shared, "BK clearly don’t care if them females approach him, he say he’s a handsome guy he can’t help it lol! The mess Sierra putting up with smh  #LHHATL (sic)."

"To me once a cheater, always a cheater. Sierra should've BEEN left BK #LHHATL (sic)," expressed a fan. Another fan commented, "BK irks my soul. He kept dogging Sierra like he want to take her down. He made her like she is the worst person but not him. Like he want to break her. Stop letting that man get a rise out of you.  #LHHATL (sic)."


"Girl, Sierra! Why you keep getting back with BK? One day, he tried it with you and the next day, he apologized. Stop bringing that man, who always wasting your energy and time playing with you, back into your life. #LHHATL," advised a fan.
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