Who is Leyla Salas? Biden eases second-grader's fears about Covid-19: ‘We're going to make sure mommy's fine’

Praising Biden for his response to Leyla, one Twitter user wrote, 'I love this guy! What a beautiful and reassuring answer to an eight year old. Just the perfect tone'

                            Who is Leyla Salas? Biden eases second-grader's fears about Covid-19: ‘We're going to make sure mommy's fine’
Joe Biden comforted Jessica Salas and her daughter Leyla Salas when they asked about Covid-19 vaccine (Getty Images/ Screenshot from CNN)

President Joe Biden is participating in a CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offering answers to American citizens who are struggling to cope with the consequences of the novel coronavirus. Moderated by Anderson Cooper, the town hall saw Biden touch upon several issues, during which he reassured a second-grader not to be scared of the virus, in the sweetest way possible. 

The video of Biden’s comforting words to Leyla Salas has clocked thousands of likes on Twitter, as people have praised the 78-year-old POTUS for aptly responding to the 8-year-old, as her mother expressed her concerns about children going back to school amid pandemic and if they can get the vaccines. The clip featuring Biden’s conversation with Salas has been viewed more than 47,000 times on Twitter.


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Who is Leyla Salas?

Leyla is an 8-year-old girl who was present at Biden’s town hall. She accompanied her mother Jessica Salas, a graphic designer. Cooper introduced her to Biden, saying they have a question about the coronavirus vaccine. Jessica then asked Biden, “As we’ve been talking about coronavirus, which is very real and scary and it’s especially scary for children who may or may not or may not understand. My children Leyla, 8, here and my son Mateo 7 at home often ask if they will catch COVID and if they do will they die.”

She went on to ask, “They are watching as others get the vaccine, and they would like to know when will kids be able to get the vaccine.”

Joe Biden (Getty Images)

Joe Biden assures ‘You’re going to be fine’ 

Before responding to Jessica’s questions, Biden asked for the girl’s first name and says, “Leyla, beautiful name. First of all, kids don’t get vaccines, they don’t get COVID. It’s very unusual for that to happen. The evidence so far is that children are not most likely to get Covid.”

Reassuring Leyla that she’s going to be fine, he further explained, “We haven’t even done tests on children as to whether or not certain vaccines work or not or what is needed. You’re the safest group of people in the whole world, number one. Number two, you’re not likely to be able to get exposed to something and spread it to mommy or daddy. And it’s not likely that mommy and daddy will be able to spread it to you either. So, I wouldn’t worry about it baby, I promise you. But I know it’s kind of worrisome.”

Biden then asked what grade Leyla is in and joked about it saying, “Oh, you’re getting old. You are in second grade.” He asks if she’s been in school before adding, “That’s kind of scary too. You don’t get to go to school, you don’t get to see your friends. So for a lot kids and adults too, life has changed from what it used to be.”

Biden concluded his answer by saying, “Don’t be scared honey, you’re going to be fine and we’ll make sure mommy is safe too.  

Joe Biden praised as 'President who has our interests at heart'

Biden's soothing words have not just brought peace to Leyla and her mom, but many others, who heaped him with praise for his response to a little girl who is scared of the coronavirus. 

One tweeted, "The President is so reassuring! It is so comforting to have a President who has our interests at heart; not his own!!" Adding to that another wrote, "I love this guy! What a beautiful and reassuring answer to an eight year old. Just the perfect tone." Another tweeted, "THIS! All of this! This is MY PRESIDENT Empathy front & center, full force & effect. His words made us all feel like a 2nd grader yearning to be told everything is going to be ok & our @POTUS






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