Mother tracks down stranger who saved her life by grabbing her just as she was about to jump off car park roof

22-year-old Charley Wills underwent treatment at a specialist facility for five months after her suicide attempt and has thanked the stranger for stopping her from taking the drastic step

                            Mother tracks down stranger who saved her life by grabbing her just as she was about to jump off car park roof

A young mother-of-one who tried to commit suicide by jumping off a multi-story car park was saved when another woman at the scene rushed to her, grabbed her waist, and would not let go. 22-year-old Charley Wills, for the longest time, did not know the name of the woman who saved her life at the car park in Wakefield in September but has now successfully managed to track her down through social media.

According to the Daily Mail, Wills had sat on the edge with "so many thoughts" in her head and was close to jumping off when a good samaritan came by to her side, grabbed her by the waist so she wouldn't do anything stupid, and then calmly talked her out of taking the drastic step. 

"I just couldn't handle all things that were happening to me," she said. "I had lost my home and a lot of people in my life. I felt like nobody understood and I just needed a cuddle. "This lady came over and held my waist. She said, 'Let's just go and get a cup of coffee, things are going to be okay.'"

Wills also thanked a police officer who was by her side at the time. She continued, "'Every time I inched closer to the edge she would just hold me. If it weren't for her and the police lady who turned up, my little boy would have no one to tuck him into bed at night."

Following the suicide attempt, Wills was admitted into a specialist facility for treatment and classified as a "high-risk" patient. She was ordered to have contact with her son, one-year-old Hugo, only under supervision and made to sign an agreement that mandated she never be alone with her child.

However, her treatment would ultimately have the desired results, and though she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that she "probably never will be 100 percent," she says she's now the "happiest I've been in years."

In the post, she announced that she had finally been once again allowed to have non-supervised contact with her son after five months of treatment alongside social services, mental health doctors, and support teams. She said she can "finally be free and live my life with my gorgeous little man."

She also made sure she tracked down the woman, Emma Walsh, who had saved her life all those months ago. "Thank you Emma Walsh for everything you did for me that day," she wrote. "I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for you and if I could repay you honestly I would but nothing in this world could make it up to you."

"I sent her a message on Facebook just to say thank you along with a picture of my son," she told the Mail. "She replied saying that just knowing I was okay was enough in the way of thanks. I honestly can't thank all these people enough. If it weren't for her, the police officer, and my sister Casey, Hugo would be without a mum to put him to bed and to watch TV with."