'Lethal Weapon' misses an episode due to Thanksgiving break amid cancelation rumors

'Lethal Weapon' took a temporary hiatus this week, after rumors that the show may be canceled after this season. For now, though, fans have nothing to worry about.

                            'Lethal Weapon' misses an episode due to Thanksgiving break amid cancelation rumors

If you are wondering why 'Lethal Weapon' didn't air this week, don't worry. It is coming back for a fresh new episode next week and is taking a break for Thanksgiving. Rumor had it that the show was getting canceled after this season, so, it is only natural for fans to panic when they don't see an episode airing without a heads-up.

Additionally, knowing the roller coaster of a year that 'Lethal Weapon' has had, fans believe anything is possible with this show - even an abrupt end. However, for now, the fears can be laid to rest since the show will be coming back next week on November 27 with 'What the Puck', Season three's eighth episode.

'Bali', the previous episode, left us with some juicy revelations - Wesley Cole shockingly professes his love for Natalie Flynn and they end up kissing super passionately. We get to know what really happened that led them to split up and we see Roger Murtaugh take the unconventional route to help his partner for once in the entire series. 'What the Puck' will pick up where the last episode left off.

After the kiss at the hospital, Cole and Natalie will try to figure out what to do next - she is, after all, engaged to Dr. Andrew. The synopsis suggests it won't be easy after he bumps into Erica, the new Assistant District Attorney. As for Murtaugh, he seemed pretty happy about Cole being reunited with his lady love. He will continue to support his partner. The promo for the episode suggests there is a car chase involved this time, which escalates to the extent of being on the news. 

Cole is seen in a speeding sports car in the middle of the highway with Erica, played by Nishi Munshi. Murtaugh is seen watching him on TV missing from action, chilling with a friend. "What are the odds that you’re in a high-speed chase on TV right now," Murtaugh asks Cole on the phone confused about what is going on. "How do I look," replies Cole, as he tries his best not to crash with Erica looking distraught in the passenger seat. 

Watch 'What the Puck' on Fox November 27 at 9 p.m. PT/EST.