'Lethal Weapon': The mystery behind Harper Murtaugh's disappearance from the show

Remember Roger Murtaugh's little baby from 'Lethal Weapon'? You know the one Trish and Roger were always carrying around?

                            'Lethal Weapon': The mystery behind Harper Murtaugh's disappearance from the show

Do you remember the sweet little baby girl we saw Roger and Trish Murtaugh carrying around in the first season of 'Lethal Weapon'? Chances are you don't. Don't question your love for the show because of it - it may not be your fault completely. Rog and Trish's youngest daughter, Harper Murtaugh made her debut on 'Lethal Weapon' in the first ever episode of the show. In fact, Roger's introduction to the show involved her interrupting Trish and his tender times in the morning. She was seen in a couple of episodes after that and then before we know it, she completely disappeared from the storyline. Especially in the current season, the third one in the show's roster, she is seen very rarely. Whatever happened to Rog's cute baby? Is it just Riana and RJ now? 




Fans joked they probably offed her like they did Riggs, Roger's former partner on the show. "She was pro-Clayne so they wrote her off. Jk I don't know," wrote a fan. Another one added, "Her first words were don't trash the stash and she was fired immediately." Clayne Crawford, the actor who played Martin Riggs on the show was fired this May after allegations of being abusive and violent on sets. A large number of fans believed that Crawford had been wrongly fired and it was Damon Wayans, who plays Roger Murtaugh, who was to blame. They felt like he had sabotaged Crawford's career since he had gone on to become a bigger hit with them. After he was fired, there were rumors that a number of writers and crew members were fired along with Crawford, for speaking in support of him.  

One fan speculated that since she's not a part of the show's plot, she isn't given as much screen time. "Its a baby... you can only have a baby in so many scenes. You aren't meant to forget her, shes just not part of any plot points or story. I doubt they would have the thought to make her part of say a kidnapping, or where Roger loses her somewhere, or anything substantial. The baby is just always in the crib or in another room in the house somewhere while the adults are the focus of scenes that take place in the Murtaugh home." 

While Murtaugh and Trish have aged, baby Harper, in any scene she's seen in, seems to look exactly the same. Fans wondered about this too. "I haven't watched any season 3 beyond the first ep, but shouldn't that kid be walking and talking by now?" Well, it would only make sense for her to grow to keep up with the show's timeline, but things can change drastically on 'Lethal Weapon'. If they can suddenly not feature an adult character like Jordana Brewster's Dr. Maureen Cahill who was the huge part of the plot, this one seems forgivable.