'Lethal Weapon' Season 3: Fans adamant about not giving the show another chance without Riggs

For fans, their beloved 'Lethal Weapon' will never be good enough without Clayne Crawford in it. And Damon Wayans announcing his exit was the last straw

                            'Lethal Weapon' Season 3: Fans adamant about not giving the show another chance without Riggs

'Lethal Weapon' is back from its fall break this week with a pretty good episode — but that doesn't seem to be good enough for fans, who refuse to give the series any more chances. The show's future is in limbo, understandably, after the insane year that it just had. However, there is no denying that the show did bounce back from the tragedy that was Clayne Crawford's firing, at least in terms of storyline — but for fans, it appears that the show will never be good enough if Riggs isn't on it.


Apart from their co-lead's exit in May last year, what pushed fans further away from their beloved series was remaining co-lead Damon Wayans' behavior, both online and offline.

While the controversy was still fresh, Wayans infamously posted photos of his injured head on Twitter that he went on to delete, claiming that Crawford was behind it. He also expressed extreme dislike for his former colleague and claimed that he liked to make "females cry" and the cast and crew were terrified of him. He went on to call Crawford an "emotional terrorist" and at the same time alleged that he was "uninsurable".


Soon after, the show made a miraculous comeback with Seann William Scott. It was indeed something of a miracle because, at the time, it really didn't look like 'Lethal Weapon' would ever recover from the mess. Then, as things settled down a little, Wayans announced in December that he was quitting the show after the season.

The last nail on the coffin, this particular announcement really blacked out any hope of the show ever making up with already hurt and disgruntled fans. Now that the show is well on its way to the end of season 3, fans feel that it would be best to just close the chapter for good — they refuse to watch it even if there is an entirely new cast and a different showrunner. "'Lethal Weapon' is NOT 'Lethal Weapon' without Riggs and Murtaugh. As much as I dislike the person DW (Damon Wayans) is, he still played a good Murtaugh. So Nope, the show died when DW threw his professionalism down the drain because he couldn’t work with CC(Clayne Crawford)", said a fan on Reddit.


Their feelings are understandable too, to a large extent. The TV series was an adaptation of the iconic 'Lethal Weapon' films starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. The pair's chemistry had definitely been translated to the small screen well and while it had a lot to do with the talent involved, the characters themselves were so loved because of who they were. With Seann William Scott as co-lead, a new face could help the show scale new heights, but it just won't be the same, fans believe.


"I'm done regardless of what they pull," said a fan while another added agreeing, "No. Simply because it runs deeper than what happened to CC  and the shady stuff TPTB have tried to pull. All the crew that was dumped, that certain troll of a husband and the cast members who have taken to labeling everyone who dares offer any criticism at all nothing more than a troll. The show doesn't deserve any loyalty from people they weren't loyal to."

This is in reference to 'Lethal Weapon' star Keesha Sharp and her husband Bradford Sharp's statements during and after Crawford's firing as well as the recent tweet where she said, "If trolls or negative people try to interfere, just block, mute and move on. It's a New Year so we are starting off with positivity."


'Lethal Weapon's lack of response to the entire mess has been a cause of conflict and the fact that the show still hasn't talked about Wayans' exit widened the gap further. It may be too late for the show to make up with the fandom from the looks of things. Here's hoping they can pull another one of their miracles out of the bag — it would be a shame to see 'Lethal Weapon' go.