EXCLUSIVE 'Lethal Weapon' Season 4: Matt Miller reveals plot outline, ahead of FOX green light

'Lethal Weapon' show developer Matt Miller is hopeful that we will see another season and he lets us in on what will be the potential arc for season 4.

                            EXCLUSIVE 'Lethal Weapon' Season 4: Matt Miller reveals plot outline, ahead of FOX green light

It's been an eventful couple of months for Fox's 'Lethal Weapon' and with a flourish, the latest season has reached its finale. This third season, however, ended on a cliffhanger for sure, with a prospect of a storyline being built from the loose ends. So will we get another season of one of the most popular buddy cop dramas on television? Show developer Matt Miller is hopeful that we will. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) caught up with the 'Lethal Weapon' boss to find out what has been going on with the show. 



For those of you who didn't know, this season found its fresh new co-lead in Seann William Scott after Clayne Crawford was fired from the show last year on allegations of being violent on set. Miller says that the show definitely nailed the transition. "We made major changes and you're never sure how that's actually going to work out and what I will say is, by the of the end of the season I feel like it worked out. It's hard to pat yourself on the back but I do feel like we were able to make that transition and I think that Sean has been a wonderful addition to the cast," said Miller. 

"He and Damon have had fantastic chemistry and I'm super proud of where we ended up. It's hands down the biggest episode of this show that we've ever made and that includes the pilot where we had much more time and money to it. This is from a stunt and production perspective the biggest episode of the three years," added Miller proudly. 



As for adding another season to the epic show roster, Miller reveals that he already has a pitch. "I don't know yet," he said commenting on the future, "a couple things that will play into that. I think in a lot of ways there are some financial factors that need to be worked out, but I'm very very optimistic and hopeful. We have a pitch for season four that were really excited about. We haven't pitched it to the network yet. We probably won't for like another month or so, but we will eventually go in and pitch Fox on season 4 which will just continue to sort of evolve the brand."

He further said, "It feels like there's definitely a lot more story in the tank we won't tell. It's a lot of fun to work on and to write these characters and there's a lot more room to still evolve, to take them to different places. And you know, we got into the Cole back story this year about the CIA and that's something we want to even pursue further moving forward." 



In a scenario that the show does get renewed, what will fans get to see? Miller says, " I can't get into more specifics, but we will pick up with a little bit of the cliffhanger where we left off at the end of season 3. Season 4 will explore some new characters that will be introduced from Cole's past that will create a really interesting dynamic both between Natalie and Cole and also between him and Murtaugh. We would also be moving forward with Trish running for DA. She's going to become the DA," Miller reveals. The season will also explore what this twist would do to the dynamic with the two leads, when "Murtaugh's wife is now technically his boss" says Miller. 



However, with the show being embroiled in controversy through most of the season, it is worth wondering if 'Lethal Weapon' needs to be rebranded. Miller disagrees. "I don't know if it needs rebranding. I work with every other writer, the crew and the production to make the show as good as it can on a weekly basis and we've been doing that....very successfully this season. The show obviously went through a big change. That was the change that sort of had to happen and I've stayed out of talking about that but we have an amazing crew, amazing group of writers and an amazing cast and we're very very proud of what we're doing..." said Miller before concluding, "I don't know if the next thing I need to do is rebrand as much as I think it's just about keeping our head down and continuing to do really good work."