RIP 'Lethal Weapon': 10 things we will miss about the show if the rumors of cancellation are true

While it is still not confirmed if Lethal Weapon will be coming for another season, rumors of its cancelation are already afloat. Here are the 10 things we would really miss.

                            RIP 'Lethal Weapon': 10 things we will miss about the show if the rumors of cancellation are true

If these rumors are true, 'Lethal Weapon' fans are in for yet another disappointment. According to a report, Fox's controversial show 'Lethal Weapon' will not come back for another season and will wrap up after it finishes its current third season. There have been no public statements confirming or denying the rumors and if this really does turn out to be true, the show will surely be missed.




It's been an eventful year for the show - one of its leads, Clayne Crawford, got fired on allegations of being violent, a replacement in the form of Seann William Scott was brought in and then its other lead, Damon Wayans Sr. claimed that he was "too old for this sh***". Many fans have speculated that this season would indeed be the end for the show after everything it has been through in the last couple of months. While we are hoping that it comes back for another round, here's what we would miss most if this was the last time we were watching 'Lethal Weapon'. 

10. Murtaugh making a fool out of himself in front of Trish


Roger Murtaugh likes to think that he's the man of the house. Time and time again, Trish tells him who's boss. A comic yet endearing relationship, Murtaugh trying to establish the fact that he's the man of the house only to be severely snubbed by his attorney wife is so entertaining.  

9. Wesley Cole's biceps 




If you've seen even just the posters for 'Lethal Weapon' season 3, you have to admit that apart from Murtaugh's bald head, it is Cole's incredibly chiseled arms that stand out. Seann William Scott is absolutely fantastic (and highly underrated) as Wesley Cole this season and he gets even better every time he flexes his arms to lift something. 

8. Leo Getz 


As annoying as he is, Leo Getz is such a delight to watch every time he comes on screen. Played by Thomas Lennon, Getz is more than just his absurd cases. His utter lack of social skills (which he believes are just right) makes Getz super fun to watch. He's incredibly good at his job and always has the last laugh at the often overconfident Murtaugh - and we are there laughing along with him.   

7. Murtaugh's annoying kids 


Riana and RJ are everything teens are - annoying, entitled and think they are know-it-alls. They make life miserable for Murtaugh but add a very young dimension to the story. These two make the age and generation difference even starker when compared to Murtaugh, keeping the vintage (read old) feel to 'Lethal Weapon'. It wouldn't be the same without them bickering about one first world problem or the other - like not being allowed to go to a Migos concert. 




6. The complex crimes




Each episode on 'Lethal Weapon' could be a film just by itself. There is drama, action, comedy and some great dialogues all rolled into a 30-minute episode. This season, especially, the show has taken mini movie making to a whole new level. Case in point, the last two episodes, 'Bali' and 'Panama'.    

5. Murtaugh's dad jokes


It's sad, but it's funny. Murtaugh tries so hard to be hip and cool but unfortunately, it never works out.  

4. The incredible backstory of Cole 




Cole's character has only had so much time to be established since he made his debut this season. However, with whatever little we have seen, it does appear that Cole's character has the potential of becoming an even deeper character if the show lets it simmer for a bit. We'd miss learning about the layers that this ex CIA agent has and of course, seeing him stab people with forks. 

3. The chemistry between our buddy cops 




Love the show or hate it, there's no denying that Murtaugh's chemistry with Cole is something out of the ordinary. These two aren't like any other cops out there - they'd take a bullet in a heartbeat if it meant saving their partner.

2. The Gute and Bailey 




Detective Bailey and Gute are just starting out and it would be a shame if the season ended now and didn't give us a nice little subplot about how these two fell in love - just kidding! In all seriousness, however, it would be nice to see their shaky partnership blossom into a steady friendship and the four of them could run off into the sunset and solve crimes. 

1. Getting nostalgic about Martin Riggs


How could you imagine how Riggs would do it if no one else was left to do it on screen? Martin Riggs, the Navy SEAL turned LAPD cop left a huge gaping hole in the hearts of fans when he died on the show. 

'Lethal Weapon' season 3 airs every Tuesday on Fox at 9 p.m. P.T

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