'Lethal Weapon' Season 3: Showrunner Matt Miller hints that the show may be back for Season 4

This video is proof that the episode will definitely be action-packed and probably have Scott saving the day in the 'Lethal Weapon' season finale

                            'Lethal Weapon' Season 3: Showrunner Matt Miller hints that the show may be back for Season 4

'Lethal Weapon' showrunner Matt Miller took to Twitter on Tuesday, January 22, to share a season finale sneak peek with fans. The short clip featured lead Seann William Scott scaling up a building and chatting with Miller, who appears to be filming the clip. "It's what we do at 'Lethal Weapon' every day. No big deal," says Scott, grinning and laughing as he comes closer to the camera. "Love you mom!" says Scott finishing up the climb, looking ecstatic to be a part of the clip. Miller captioned the post, "sneak peek of the season finale. Seann’s audition for #Spiderman."


Now obviously, the season finale for 'Lethal Weapon's third season is set to involve some 'Skyscraper' antics but this also means that this episode could possibly be bigger than the last two season finales for the show. While the season 2 finale has been etched in the minds of fans as a pretty sad day, there's a possibility that Miller and the gang could change things up to make this the best one till date. This clip is proof that it will definitely be action-packed and will probably have Scott saving the day.    

While it could just be us clutching at straws, but notice how the caption says season finale? Now the future of the show is still up for a toss and in a scenario like this, doesn't it sound like the bosses at 'Lethal Weapon' are still yet to decide on the show's renewal? Perhaps.

It would definitely be great to continue seeing Scott floor us with his great performance. Twitterati too, seemed like they wanted more.


"I have truly enjoyed #SeannWilliamScott addition to the show. He has such positive energy, he is a great actor, wonderful sense of humor, and yes ...easy on the eyes. Everyone seems to be very engaged & enjoying it. Looking forward to the finale and next season," said a user while another added, "Hope for a season 4. The show is funnier / better with cole. I freaking love that character!!! Too bad he wasn't there since the beginning."


If this happens to be the series finale for 'Lethal Weapon' which we hope it won't be, there's a fair chance that Murtaugh and Trish will definitely be moving on to the next chapter in their lives. The show's official Twitter handle has been conducting polls on the same and more than half the voters agree that it's time for them to go. Now while the story may not exactly be the same without Murtaugh, with a lead like Scott, the possibilities are endless. Two more episodes to go until the season finale. 

Catch 'Lethal Weapon's next episode, 'Coyote Ugly' on Tuesday, February 15, at 8 pm ET on FOX.