'Lethal Weapon' season 3 premiere review: Seann William Scott as the new cop in town is as good as it gets

Season 3 of Lethal Weapon is here and it is better than ever - it was sad to see Clayne Crawford go, but there's definitely no need to cry about it anymore

                             'Lethal Weapon' season 3 premiere review: Seann William Scott as the new cop in town is as good as it gets

Get over Martin Riggs guys, there's a new cop in town.

'Lethal Weapon' went out with a bang last season both on-screen and in real life. One of the leads, actor Clayne Crawford was thrown out reportedly after violent outbursts. The Twitter war got really ugly and Damon Wayans, who accused him of injuring him even went to the lengths of posting pictures and sound bites. Clayne was replaced with Seann William Scott soon after and not everyone rejoiced at the news. Fans took sides, even actors joined the mess but there was one thing that was really hurting, thanks to this feud - the show, of course. While Fox was determined to bring back the show (it is one of their most watched), fans said they wouldn't want to watch it anymore. There was a season 3 being made anyway and now that it's here, let us just tell you this - it is better than ever!

The plot 

Unlike the two seasons, there's a different location involved altogether. We're not chasing bad guys in LA, instead, we're in the middle of a CIA operation in Aleppo, Syria. We're there with our very smart, incredibly efficient agent Wesley Cole (Seann William Scott) who is in the car with his informant - a little boy not over 12. About three minutes later, there's guns and a lot of smashing of heads and a very dead child informant. Scarred for life, we see Cole get a job back in the city as a meter maid or as he likes to call it, meter person "because it's 2018." It's dull he's away from chaos and trying to get back into the life of his 12-year-old daughter.  He's going to auditions, getting her flowers, the whole nine yards but things aren't really looking up. He's still insanely fit, though. 


There's Roger Murtaugh grieving the loss of his partner Riggs. He was shot by his brother in the last season but Roger refuses to let the case go. He's been in sweats for the last six months working the case in a boat. The boat is like a sanctuary for his investigation. No one believes his paranoia that someone else killed Riggs, for good reason, but he still has Bailey putting BOLOs. One BOLO sparks an interest and Roger is on it.

Meanwhile, our meter maid sees two men with a gun at the signal and chases them only to find they're actual criminals. As luck would have it, these two end up running into each other and chaos follows - you know, the 'Lethal Weapon' type. 

Wesley Cole - Roger Murtaugh

As much as it hurts to say this as a Clayne Crawford fan, Seann William Scott is literally breathing life back into the show. While Clayne's character had its own appeal, Cole is insanely refreshing - a break from the alcoholic, chaotic, problematic dude with a golden heart we were used to. As a viewer, you feel like Roger has finally found a partner he truly deserves. Their chemistry is palpable but not in the Murtaugh-Riggs way. It's more like someone Trish would totally approve of. It was definitely a great idea to turn things around for the replacement character and make him totally model and up with the times. 



Seann William Scott is sexy as Cole, to say the least. He makes sweat patches look hot. There's also that jawline that can totally cut through the screen. 

What's really great about his character is that he isn't trying to replace Riggs and neither is he trying to get into Clayne's shoes. He is a solo show on his own and he clearly knows that. There are certain quirky qualities that seem a bit forced - like his gum obsession in the middle of an operation or the way he doesn't notice he's on fire (C'mon!) but he's overall a pretty likable character. There's also the whole element of him trying to get his life back together - which is a continuation of something Riggs was trying to do. 

The absence of Martin Riggs

Martin Riggs is a baseball cap, a pair of shades and an empty can of something in the premiere, literally. 

There's like a minute long montage of him dying from last season and that's the last time you'll see his face in 'In the Same Boat'. Register it well. Although he is mentioned throughout the episode, there's a strange unreal vibe every time you see Roger mentioning how much he misses him. It is perhaps a perception created by his real-life antics but the love is definitely lost...and it shows. You should totally catch up on 'Lethal Weapon' on Amazon Prime to know exactly what this chemistry is all about. It was legendary until it wasn't. 


Fox is definitely taking a different turn with 'Lethal Weapon' this season and it remains to be seen if it was a good idea. The buddy cop action comedy-drama is developed by Matt Miller who also serves as showrunner. It is based on the franchise of the same name created by Shane Black. 

 'Lethal Weapon' airs every Tuesday, at 9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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