'Lethal Weapon' Season 3 finale: A perfect end to an otherwise imperfect season

'Lethal Weapon' Season 3 finale is exhilarating, fast-paced, and packed with some insane action and has a message that rings out long after the episode ends

                            'Lethal Weapon' Season 3 finale: A perfect end to an otherwise imperfect season

Spoilers for 'Lethal Weapon' Season 3 finale

'Lethal Weapon' really pulled out all the stops for the season 3 finale. Exhilarating, fast-paced, and packed with some insane action, this last episode has to be the crowning glory of the entire series. While the storyline went in a predictable direction, the message that the episode mirrors with the show's real-life story is what really catches your eye. Matt Miller might as well have held a banner over his head saying: "This season was imperfect, but isn't that the beauty of it all?"


At the start of the episode, Cole is still brooding over Natalie's wedding. In his moment of vulnerability and weakness, he goes back to the past that he's known too well, a past he thinks would never leave him heartbroken. Little does he know, he's not the same guy who ditched Nat all way back to go on a mission. Tom Barnes, always happy to have his "buddy boy" back, offers him an escape: a case involving a hitman that Cole needs to take out. unbeknownst to Cole, Barnes is a rogue agent and has been off the CIA for about 6 months — around the time that Cole left the agency to come and join the LAPD.


Cole finds out, while on the mission, that the hitman was actually trying to take out Andrew. Scared for the safety of Natalie and his daughter Maya, he coaxes himself into Andrew's bachelor party. What Andrew spits out when he's drunk, apart from his front tooth that is, is that he's working with the CIA who've asked him to look away as they transport some of their consignments through his Doctors Without Borders camp. Who's the agent who reached out to him? Yep, Tom Barnes. As it turns out, Barnes is trading weapons illegally and the FBI have been on his tail.


All this time, Cole doesn't tell Murtaugh a thing. If you remember, the two hadn't exactly seen eye to eye since the Chinese intelligence case in the last episode. Murtaugh, on the other hand, has FBI knocking on his door threatening to ruin Trish's DA career even before it has started. Seeing no exit strategy, Murtaugh is forced to wear a wire. He arrives at Andrew's bachelor party and this is the moment Cole decides to come clean. These two and screwed up timing, right? 


Anyway, they then start working together, after a couple of run-ins with the FBI and Barnes himself. Barnes wants 10 million dollars, the entire LAPD steals it for him and as he's trying to get away. He shoots Murtaugh right in the torso. As he's bleeding profusely, he drops another bomb — his ex-girlfriend Natalie is strapped to a bomb and he can only save one. Needless to say, Cole saves them both. The finale ends on a cliffhanger where both detectives decide to go on a hunt for Barnes to South Mexico — perhaps a storyline to be explored in the next season.


Imperfection is one theme that runs through the whole episode. Starting from Cole and Natalie's relationship, which is very "wabi-sabi" as Maya points out, to Cole and Murtaugh's partnership that consistently moves through its highs and lows, and the wedding itself, there was nothing that went right with our characters.

However, even with the odds stacked against them, each little story ends perfectly. Cole and Nat live their "Bali" dream, the two detectives find true friendship in the mess, and 'Lethal Weapon', in spite of its ugly year, finds a spectacular ending. Miller took a leap of faith with this season, like Nat and Cole, and it totally worked out.