'Lethal Weapon' season 3 episode 13 review: A promising start that loses steam by the end

From the loosely written story to the lack of great action in the episode, this week's adventure felt more like a filler than a story progression.

                            'Lethal Weapon' season 3 episode 13 review: A promising start that loses steam by the end

After a long wait, 'Lethal Weapon' finally came back with a new episode this Tuesday. However, it doesn't really feel like it's worth the wait. From the loosely written story to the lack of great action in the episode, this week's adventure felt like a filler than a story progression. Compared to the last couple of episodes especially, episode 13 was like a snooze fest. Even though procedural dramas are pretty predictable as they recycle the same main plot over and over again, they are bearable and even wonderful to watch sometimes, if done well. However, this week's episode just fell flat in every category.

A sad disappointment after a smashing episode 12, LAPD's finest return with a case that takes them to the Mexican border. Cole and Murtaugh investigate a case involving a father-daughter duo who are refugees from Mexico. Something goes horribly wrong when they are crossing the border and the detectives take it upon themselves to figure out what happened. They end up uncovering a major issue with the California Border Patrol. 



Now the story itself was pretty upbeat for episode 13. It's politically charged and makes you take a hard look at the country's border security system. It's got bad guys hidden in plain sight, who are just as well equipped as the detectives, making the fight on the same level unlike most of the other episodes. However, the episode really misses the mark when it comes to execution. It doesn't feel well-knit in parts, especially the parts where the investigation comes together in the end. 

Cole goes off on his own to retrieve Anna from the border after he gets a call from Natalie about Jose, Anna's dad from the hospital. Natalie, who wasn't talking to Cole at all, suddenly asks for his help and he springs into action? Maybe it's understandable because it is a matter of security and someone's life is on the line but that still doesn't explain why Cole's acting like things are completely okay with Nat. It's as though Erica's story arc never existed - what a strange way to take things forward, 'Lethal Weapon'! 



Murtaugh and Bailey come into the case after the American woman is found shot in the same car as Jose. They find out that she was helping them across the border because they had something quite important in their possession. Chasing clues, they reach the desert where they find a wounded Cole. Eventually, the partners find out that these two were actually smuggling proof of the corruption at the border to give it to a journalist. Cole pulls some stunts at the hospital and so do Murtaugh and Bailey and just like that, the episode is over. The bad guys get caught, Captain Avery gives a nice speech announcing that the refugees have been granted political asylum and all was well. 



The episode snuck in a silly secret about Trish, about how she was married before in Vegas. She's running for the District Attorney's office for god sake, is this the best the writers could come up with? This episode did try to explore the value of family through flashbacks and these silly issues, but it was a fail. The show really needs to buck up and give us a crazy season finale, for sure. If it continues the way this episode was, then it's a miserable end to an amazing show. 

Catch the next episode, 14, of 'Lethal Weapon' on Tuesday, February 19 at 8 p.m. on Fox.  

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