'Lethal Weapon': Scorsese is one of the most underrated characters of the show

He definitely deserves a live human being to spend time with. Hopefully, Scorsese will be given his due soon.

                            'Lethal Weapon': Scorsese is one of the most underrated characters of the show

A crucial part in solving LAPD's crimes by day and a talented scriptwriter by night, Bernard Scorsese on 'Lethal Weapon' is not your garden-variety pathologist. Although the show likes to make him the butt of all the jokes, this guy has done some incredible work on the show and has often determined how the case moves forward. Unfortunately, he's portrayed as a loser on the show and his accomplishments get lost under everyone's mockery. 


Played by actor Jonathan Fernandez on the show, Scorsese is a qualified medical examiner and forensic technician who also happened to go to film school. He's called onto cases whenever there's a DOA and he helps Roger Murtaugh and his partner process all the evidence at hand. He spends most of his time in his lab, surrounded by the dead but that doesn't dampen his spirit. He's always cheerful and full of life and doesn't let the fact that everyone thinks he's a nerd, determine how he feels about himself. 


You know a character is super underrated on a show when their name isn't even completely his. Scorsese isn't his real name. Bernard was nicknamed Scorsese because of his film school background after the famous director Martin Scorsese. He's been a part of 'Lethal Weapon' for three seasons now and yet - his real name has not once come up in conversation.

What's more, he was never even given a backstory, unlike Detective Sonya Bailey or even Captain Brooks Avery, for that matter. Both these characters have as much relevance to the story's plotline as Scorsese but he never gets the attention he so deserves.


Scorsese bridges the gap between mystery and solved crime. "Red sap from the victim's foot is from a rare Japanese flower", Scorsese once determined as evidence from a case in season 1 - would Murtaugh, Bailey, Avery or even Wesley Cole/ Martin Riggs have that kind of knowledge? Of course, it is his area of expertise, but the man knows so much and is so good at his job, so why can't he get some respect around the bullpen?

Even for his character arc - it's one of the most stagnant ones on the show. Right from the start to where he is now, he's still very much the same guy doing the same things, unless you count who he's doing it on. Before the season ends, it would be so great to see a Scorsese episode.


The show did give his character more screen time than usual since Luisa Gutierrez, Bailey's partner arrived on the show leaving a tiny spark of hope that he may finally find some love. He definitely deserves a live human being to spend time with. Hopefully, he will be given his due soon. 

Catch Scorsese help Cole and Murtaugh solve crimes on 'Lethal Weapon' Tuesday, January 1, at 8/7c on Fox. 

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