'Lethal Weapon': How Seann William Scott went from being loveable jerk Stifler to sexy action hero Wesley Cole

Seann William Scott has single handedly saved Lethal Weapon's latest season and it is time for him to embrace the spotlight. Maybe have his own TV show? Why not!

                            'Lethal Weapon': How Seann William Scott went from being loveable jerk Stifler to sexy action hero Wesley Cole

Murtaugh: "What are the odds that you’re in a high-speed chase on TV right now," 

Cole: "How do I look?"

Let's be honest, after the messy year that Fox's 'Lethal Weapon' had, things didn't really look too good for the show. They fired their co-lead Clayne Crawford after the season 2 finale in the most shocking way after allegations of abuse which left the fandom angry and disappointed. Some even threatened to boycott the show without Crawford's character Martin Riggs. Riggs really was the heart of the first two seasons in many ways and the fandom felt that without him, 'Lethal Weapon' would never make it.

While fans were busy wondering how the show would go on, Fox announced they would be bringing in Seann William Scott as their new co-lead and at first, everyone was skeptical. Afterall, he was The Stifmeister from 'American Pie' and nowhere close to the character he was expected to replace - but Scott proved them all wrong and how. 


It wouldn't be wrong to say that the third season of 'Lethal Weapon' is still watchable simply because of Scott. He has transformed the show from just a buddy cop drama to a completely action packed display, worthy of being called an adaptation of the classic 'Lethal Weapon' films. His character Wesley Cole has definitely put the lethal back in 'Lethal Weapon' with his absolutely amazing action sequences, on point comic timing and crime solving skills.

He also looks the part - a jawline that can cut glass, biceps that could carry you way from all harm, abs as hard as rocks - you get the gist. Dare we say, he has helped us successfully move on from the Crawford saga. Right from the time he made his debut in 'On the Same Boat' this season, he's hasn't missed a single beat. While he is the co-lead of one of Fox's biggest shows, we think it's high time he was given the spotlight he so truly deserves - Scott needs to get his own show.


Maybe a 'Lethal Weapon' sequel or season dedicated to this eye candy? Why not. He is already a fan favorite. He's great at what he's doing. The show could give a time out to Damon Wayans, the co-lead, since he did say that he wants an exit. All the pieces of the puzzle would fit right in for 'Lethal Weapon' and everyone would go home happy. Either way, fans of the show would absolutely be thrilled since they've been asking Fox to let go of Wayans ever since Crawford was fired claiming he was innocent and it was all Wayans' doing.


Scott's transformation has really been remarkable. From playing someone who spiked his friend's mochaccino with Pentalax, a potent laxative, to being the guy who gets buried in the middle of the desert, chasing a cartel leader, this boy from Minnesota has come far.

His choice of roles since his stint with 'American Pie' have been varied - he's played a dimwitted bouncer turned hockey league enforcer in 'Goon', a bullied high school student in 'Final Destination', a trainee firefighter in 'Evolution', a bounty hunter's son in 'The Rundown', a revolutionary named Bo Duke in 'The Dukes of Hazzard', a breast obsessed salesman in 'Role Models' and a robber in 'Cop Out'. He had a bit of action to do in 'Cop Out' but it was really his 'Lethal Weapon' role that brought him to the forefront.

Scott's character on 'Lethal Weapon' is unlike anything he's done before. An ex-CIA agent who lost a piece of his heart while on an assignment in Syria, the character has depth and an incredible backstory. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it was inspired by a real life CIA agent.

Showrunner Matt Miller revealed in an earlier interview that Cole's character was inspired by a CIA agent who had served time in Iraq and found himself questioning his beliefs when he came back home.

Miller said he found out about the guy in a New Yorker article during the time the show was going through its lows in April. His role was written with a simple thought in mind - he was meant to be the polar opposite of who Martin Riggs was, but at the same time be just as lethal. Well, hasn't he just been absolutely bang on! 

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