'Lethal Weapon': How fans moved on from the Clayne Crawford saga as Seann William Scott saves the day

Lethal Weapon has had a really turbulent year - Clayne Crawford's firing, the social media war and then Damon Wayans' exit announcement really rocked the boat.

                            'Lethal Weapon': How fans moved on from the Clayne Crawford saga as Seann William Scott saves the day

It's no secret that post Clayne Crawford's exit this April, the 'Lethal Weapon' fandom has been less than delighted with the show. Apart from the drama that went off beyond the screen, fans were also angry about the way Clayne's character was cut out of the show. After two seasons of giving the show the most badass lead ever, he was thrown out of the story like a common criminal, most fans had felt. Some even threatened to boycott the show at the time but it looks like the wheel is turning. Fans seem like they are definitely ready to move past the agony that was the last couple of months and fall back in love with their beloved show. 




So what led to this paradigm shift? It appears that it was the last two episodes of this season. Called 'Panama' and 'Bali', these two episodes could easily be the two best the show has ever put out on screen. Action packed, with a layered storyline that, even though was a bit predictable at times, they were thoroughly entertaining. It was the first time that the season had dived into the mysterious backstory for Wesley Cole (Seann William Scott) and it clearly worked. Twitter was flooded with appreciation for the episodes and Scott's performance and it seemed like the wounds from Riggs' death had started to heal. 

A huge part of this change has to do with just how amazing Scott is as an action hero. "I’m probably in the minority here, but we’re enjoying the show more this season and this last episode was the best yet," wrote a fan raving about the new LAPD detective and the show, "Sean isn’t a copy of Riggs, he’s more interesting. I found Riggs was so extreme and self-destructive that he annoyed me at times. The first few episodes this season Murtaugh was subdued and kind of boring but this last episode he returned to being the good partner/Dad he was with a touch of humor."




Another added, "His acting skills are really awesome, I was a bit skeptic to be honest when I knew about it (like all of us) but this guy is killing it! I honestly don't think someone else would have done better. Seann is really underrated, this guy is awesome, you should give him a chance. I will watch season 3 until the end and I'm enjoying it." One fan even called it his show, which is a sentiment that is the exact opposite of what we had heard so far. "Cole is 100% more enjoyable to watch than Riggs was. I am thoroughly enjoying this season. I would watch a season 3 with a re-casted Murtaugh. This is Cole's show now." Another fan recounted an incident that he allegedly had with Scott that cemented the belief. "Dude just met Sean today. Legit the most humble person I have ever met in my life. Super nice, Super respectful. They were filming at the dispensary I manage for E10," he said. 

 We may not be too old for this sh*** after all. 


'Lethal Weapon' airs every Tuesday at 9 PM on Fox.