'Lethal Weapon': Why won't the show let anyone other than Murtaugh find love?

Lethal Weapon has for the longest time, behaved like Martin Riggs and Wesley Cole are incapable of keeping a relationship going and that they are too complex to have love.

                            'Lethal Weapon': Why won't the show let anyone other than Murtaugh find love?

Trish and Roger Murtaugh are, without a doubt, 'Lethal Weapon's power couple. Unfortunately, that's the only lasting love story the show has been able to give us. Ever wonder why is it that no one else seems to be in love like Roger is? The show has, for the longest time, behaved like Martin Riggs and Wesley Cole are incapable of keeping a relationship going and that they are too complex to have a little love. Considering the hearts-of-gold the two characters are, it is absolutely appalling that 'Lethal Weapon' still won't let them be happy.   

Martin Riggs and Miranda 

This is the most tragic thing to have ever happened to Roger Murtaugh's former partner Martin Riggs. His wife Miranda was killed in a car crash when she was on her way to the hospital to deliver their child. She gets distracted and ends up being in a lethal accident. Years later, Riggs finds out that her death hadn't been an accident at all - it was an ordered hit from Tito Flores of the Flores drug cartel. Miranda was the daughter if District Attorney Ronnie Delgado and he tells Riggs in the season 1 finale that he didn't want to help Flores get away with the drug charges and he killed his daughter for revenge.




For as long as one can remember, Riggs had been shattered by the death of Miranda. He couldn't get over the fact that they were going to have a baby and a life they had always dreamed of. To Riggs, her death was his fault - he always felt that he should have been there to protect her. While knowing why she died does give him some closure, we never did see him move on to be honest. He even contemplated killing himself - all the while Roger and his wife kept busy with their happy family. To make matters worse, he died right next to her grave after being shot by his step brother. 

Martin Riggs and Karen Palmer 


During his time as an LAPD detective, Riggs had a short fling with Agent Karen Palmer who worked at the Drug Enforcement Administration. She was a strong and straightforward agent and had no qualms about showing Riggs that she was much smarter than him. Karen hit on him a little when the two first met and he too seemed to be attracted to her - remember when he put the jacket on her at the office? It felt like Riggs was finally going to be happy - but boom! The storyline cut out Palmer and reduced her to a hookup and broke them off even though he had actually gone to rescue her in the season and was with her when she got shot. Their emotional aspect was absolutely lost in translation.   

Martin Riggs and Maureen Cahill 

We may be reaching out too hard with this one but you have to remember the sparks that flew on and off when Riggs and Cahill were in the same room. This was another tease that 'Lethal Weapon' dangled in front of us for Riggs but before we knew it they took it away. Cahill and Riggs had the potential to be the most healthy couple ever with the chemistry they had with each other. She truly understood his past and his present state of mind and he cared about enough to put himself in danger when her maniacal ex showed up.




It was unfortunate to see Cahill go away completely after Riggs was killed off in the show making us wonder if her character was so intertwined with Riggs, why couldn't they just let them have a relationship? 

Martin Riggs and Molly Hendricks 


This was a relationship doomed from the very beginning. At this point, I'm almost certain every fan was wondering why is it that Riggs only picks relationship that has no way of working? Molly was his best friend Jake Voss' ex - a friend who went to jail in his place for hitting Riggs' dad. Molly and Riggs spent a lot of time together since Jake went to prison and after he escaped, they found love in each other. However, things didn't work out when he realized that he still had loose ends that he had to tie up in Los Angeles - his daddy issues triumphed, as always. 

Wesley Cole and Natalie Flynn




Taking after Murtaugh's former partner's storyline, the show hasn't let ex CIA agent Cole be happy either. His story revolved a lot around his daughter Maya and ex Natalie and how he wanted to make amends after running off to Syria for a job. Initially, we were pretty hopeful about Nat and Cole's rekindled romance but unfortunately, after they kissed - she broke it off to marry Andrew. Cole's heartbreak was undeniable and so was ours. After so many years of seeing Riggs in pain, we had finally felt like we were going to see Cole get his girl...but no. 

Wesley Cole and Layla 

In 'Get the Picture' Cole gets his first smooch on screen from a redeemed villain named Layla Khudari. Their romance was pretty non-existent except she felt that Cole deserved a kiss after he revealed that she was the daughter of Lebanese artist Aleah Khudari which is why she was after the picture - it was a family heirloom. 




None of these women on 'Lethal Weapon' lack potential depth or strength - however, the show just refuses to dive into any of their arcs. They remain as tokens who aren't as important in these their lives. If Murtaugh can have Trish and still be interesting, why couldn't Riggs or even Cole for that matter? With both Riggs and Cole, 'Lethal Weapon' tried to keep Roger as the more sensible, father figure in the storyline. However, with all the dumb things he does on screen - Trish is clearly not rubbing off her intelligence on him. For three seasons, we've seen our wildcard detectives struggle with love and if this season happens to be the last one, we will be so disappointed with this loose end. 

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