'Lethal Weapon' review: For a former CIA agent, Wesley Cole is pretty dumb in 'What the Puck'

If a former CIA agent cannot tell the difference between a friend and a witness under his protection, then aren't we all doomed?  'What the Puck' is such a disappointment

                            'Lethal Weapon' review: For a former CIA agent, Wesley Cole is pretty dumb in 'What the Puck'

'Lethal Weapon' is a lot of things — action, drama, comedy as well as some superb performances, but since when does the show feature silly cops who don't do their jobs? 'What the Puck', the latest episode does look embarrassing for the buddy cop crime drama, in spite of some really great elements. The reason why is simple — to have a cop show that features gullible detectives who get distracted by regular things like breakups is pretty unimpressive. If a former CIA agent cannot tell the difference between a friend and a witness under his protection, then aren't we all doomed?


This week's episode revolves around taking down big fish — catching the man responsible for a heist of $2 million, protecting a very smooth witness and possible criminal and making sure the LAPD partners don't die in the process. To be honest, this episode's crime side of things was pretty basic, unlike the last two episodes this season 'Bali' and 'Panama' which featured some nice plots. Speaking strictly crime, 'What the Puck' was like a promo that was building to something bigger but forgot to materialize.


This episode also brought in a new character, Assistant District Attorney Erica Malick. There's no news about whether she will be upped to a series regular, though the plot did imply that we'd see her again. We really hope not. The character played by Nishi Munshi was so lukewarm, she made Andrew look like a hero. You'd expect a character that was trying to take down a gang to be smarter and sharper.

What kind of an investigator doesn't check on their valued witness from time to time? Also, how is it possible that she couldn't figure out that Elliot, the maitre d' of the restaurant was lying? He was the only possible connection between the two gang leads. 

The greatest disappointment, however, was just how negligent Wesley Cole, played by Sean William Scott, was in this episode. He's always shown incredible potential this season, especially since we saw how great he was with crime solving in 'Panama'. In this, however, he is so far from the mark — it looks like the mark is a dot to him.


It all started when he hit Erica's car and then hid in the conference room because he didn't want her to see him. It looked like a poorly disguised attempt at a callback to all the time ex-lead Martin Riggs got into trouble. Cole's character just didn't fit with that type of behavior, since he has been established as someone who is the opposite of Riggs throughout the show. Secondly, does 'Lethal Weapon' really expect us to believe that Cole would jeopardize a murder investigation because his ex won't text him back? 

Cole lets Elliot get away after he convinces him that it was a good idea to go down to the lounge of the hotel and wait for Natalie Flynn (Maggie Lawson), his ex. He even refuses to go to the hotel and keep an eye on Elliot at first, citing that the case could be a while and he would miss out on his half an hour with Nat. This is the same guy that had national security on his shoulders before he came back to Los Angeles and became a detective.


There's also a very patronizing tone to Cole this episode. It's almost like he doesn't believe Erica can handle herself when he meets her at the restaurant for the arrest. Her character may be dull, but she is the ADA, for god sake. He exhibits the same behavior when it comes to Nat, as though she owed him for lost time.

Even though Nat's decision to not get back together with Cole was absolutely heartbreaking since we know just how much he wanted it to happen, it was very un-Wesley Cole of him to expect that it would just automatically pan out. His character is very uneven in this episode, almost like 'Lethal Weapon' was trying to please 'American Pie' fans. Wesley Cole deserves so much more. 

Another glaring detail about 'What the Puck' is the way it tries to bring Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) back into the spotlight. In the last two episodes, he had been downplayed and the plots revolved around Cole. It does make him stand out but in the best light, Murtaugh comes across as clingy and creepy, not to mention just as dumb as Cole is in this episode.

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