Lethal Weapon review: 'Bali' digs the show out of trouble

Lethal Weapon's latest episode 'Bali' is all about fixing hearts and getting bad guys - action packed, very entertaining and impeccably written.

                            Lethal Weapon review: 'Bali' digs the show out of trouble

When you are watch 'Lethal Weapon's latest episode, there is just one thing that plays into your mind over and over again - where was the show hiding all this action this whole time? 'Bali', this season's seventh episode, is so incredibly well written, action-packed and oh so entertaining, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the show has revamped itself midseason in the best way possible. The highlight of the episode is the multiple storylines that just seem to spark out of thin air - no more is the story moping over regrets and failed relationships or living in denial. 'Lethal Weapon's story is moving on from the mess into the fantasy that is 'Bali'. Quite like the show itself. 


'Lethal Weapon' is still dealing with the ripples of what happened with the show in April. Clayne Crawford's firing led to a whole lot of drama and the fandom stood divided on what was the right way to go forward. While the leads dragged each other through the mud, there was one thing that neither of them noticed - they laid the foundation for worst way to build the third season.

The show gave us some really sad and lukewarm episodes in the beginning of this season, but it all changed with the last episode 'Panama', Keesha Sharp's directorial debut. What is even more ironic is that Sharp broke her silence on the firing mess and rumors that it led to a tell-all interview the same day that the episode aired. While it may have been a marketing ploy to grab the episode more eyeballs, one had to admit, it was the best episode aired till then this season. 

'Panama' had everything you would expect from a show like 'Lethal Weapon' - action, drama, a smooth criminal and some great backstory. Seann William Scott was the shining star in the episode and for the first time in a long time, we felt like 'Lethal Weapon' had finally got its mojo back. Clearly, it did and the great news is, it looks like its staying.

'Bali' took this charm a step forward. This is the first time this season has introduced some kind of continuity with the cases that Cole and Murtaugh deal with and it fits together like pieces of a puzzle. 


'Bali' follows Murtaugh after he finds out that Cole's been kidnapped. He turns to Cole's former mentor, Tom Barnes, for help on a high-stakes cartel case. What follows is a rollercoaster story about betrayal, nostalgia, loyalty, and love. Through 'Bali', 'Lethal Weapon' has an eye resolutely on the future. It is moving on from the hate and negativity this year has brought. There's a new partnership in town as well as a budding friendship. It finally feels like the cops at LAPD have figured out what they are good at - solving crimes. 


This episode is a testimony to how much the show has changed since Clayne Crawford was replaced. Of course, Seann William Scott is the face of the change, but if you look closely you will notice that the plot has switched up too.

While the first two seasons were great in their own regard, this season brings more than just two cops who don't know any better. There's a sense of maturity about the story - there's soul. Quite like the show, Cole is looking for a way to mend hearts that he's broken and do what is best for his family. 'Bali' reveals why he did what he had to do and why it was justified - like the decision the show took to fire its lead. 

If 'Lethal Weapon' continues on this path, it should absolutely come back for another season. Keesha Sharp set the ball rolling for some fantastic cop action and 'Bali' followed suit. Here's hoping the rest of the season sustain the momentum of the last two episodes.

'Lethal Weapon' airs every Tuesday at 9 pm on Fox.

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