'Lethal Weapon': How Michelle Mitchenor's Sonya Bailey went from sidekick to confident, no-nonsense renegade

Michelle Mitchenor's character, detective Sonya Bailey, has really made an impression in the latest season of 'Lethal Weapon'

                            'Lethal Weapon': How Michelle Mitchenor's Sonya Bailey went from sidekick to confident, no-nonsense renegade

There's something different about detective Sonya Bailey this season on 'Lethal Weapon'. She's sassier for sure, but it also seems like she's grown out of Roger Murtaugh's shadow and into her own skin. She's still putting out illegal BOLOs out for her often paranoid mentor, but there's something about Bailey that tells us she's done being a sidekick on 'Lethal Weapon'. Also, does anyone else want a ponytail tutorial from Michelle Mitchenor? 


When Mitchenor came on 'Lethal Weapon', for the first time, in season 1, little did we know she would grow on us the way she has. An absolute bada**, her character Bailey wasn't like most female detectives on TV. She had an air of control that had nothing to do with how much experience she had - which at the time, was none.

She was also incredibly resourceful and could get the job done much better than any of the junior detectives in Murtaugh's gang. A shining star through and through, what really made Bailey stand out was the fact that she was efficient without being annoying - which is something even her mentor Murtaugh lacked sometimes.


She was first introduced as an eager cop fresh out of Quantico who wanted to catch bad guys and make Murtaugh proud. We knew very little about her backstory and until 'Double Shot of Baileys' last season, we didn't even know she had family in town - a clear underrated character on the show.

However, things have definitely switched up with this season. Season 3 has definitely given this character more screen time allowing the audience time to absorb everything that is the new, confident, no-nonsense and hot as hell detective Bailey. The turning point for Bailey's character was the introduction of a partner in her storyline making her more involved in the everyday activities of the LAPD.

She is rarely seen behind the desk - she's fighting beside Murtaugh, gun out and alert. She has gone from running errands to actually becoming a part of the action. Wesley Cole's character also has a lot to do with Bailey coming to the forefront. An ex-CIA agent, he likes to work alone. More often than not, he likes to leave his partner Murtaugh in the dark, paving the way for Bailey to come to the rescue.


Mitchenor has a lot to do with this change, obviously. In comparison to her previous performances on 'Lethal Weapon', she does seem to be more present on the screen. It could have a lot to do with the fact that this was her first big TV gig that's she's, now, nicely broken into. Her acting skills have drastically improved, for sure.

Her best performance so far has definitely been in 'Bali'. Bailey is not just incredibly on point with her police work, but for the first time, she looks like she's having fun doing it. We still haven't seen a full-blown action sequence from Mitchenor yet, but the way she's going forward this season, our wishes may just be granted. 

'Lethal Weapon' airs every Tuesday on Fox. 

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