'Lethal Weapon': Where is Dr. Cahill? Did Jordana Brewster exit because of Wayans' drama?

Dr. Cahill was never the type to stay at a place she isn't appreciated - if the rumors are true then Jordana Brewster took the same route as Clayne Crawford.

                            'Lethal Weapon': Where is Dr. Cahill? Did Jordana Brewster exit because of Wayans' drama?

While it does seem like 'Lethal Weapon' season 3 has been packing a punch lately, there's a familiar face from the last two seasons we've been missing off late. Dr. Maureen Cahill, the trusty therapist around the LAPD has been significantly missing from all the action. Played by 'Fast and the Furious' actor Jordana Brewster, Cahill was seen in the first two episodes this time around, in 'In the Same Boat' and 'Need to Know'. Rumor is, she quit because the show didn't appreciate her anymore. 




Dr. Cahill was the most caring, respectable and emotionally sound characters on the show. While stability isn't what 'Lethal Weapon' stands on, Dr. Cahill was a safe haven for many in the LAPD, especially Martin Riggs, the ex-lead. She was a fantastic therapist, she helped Riggs deal with his trauma never really letting anyone on about her own troubled past. In season 2, she also gets into trouble because of her ex-husband, who had cheated on her multiple times and then had started stalking her. Brewster played the role beautifully, almost making us feel like she was peering into our problems through the TV screen. 




Most of her character's screen time was with Clayne Crawford who played Riggs. Since his messy exit earlier this year, it did seem like she wouldn't be around for much longer. It was only when her character flat out denied treating Wesley Cole in season 3 that our doubts were confirmed. Cole is the fresh lead played by Seann William Scott. A little before the new season premiered in September, Clayne Crawford had confirmed on the Drinkin'Bros Podcast that she wouldn't be coming back. He had said that they were both managed by the same company. It seemed like a hearsay at the time, since there was a lot of dirt being thrown around in the 'Lethal Weapon' scene. Rumor was that Brewster wasn't included in the new promotional photos for the season and was told that she would just be a guest star. Moreover, she was also said to have shown her support to Clayne when he was, as fans claim, wrongly fired. 

There's also the case of the moments when Riggs and Dr. Cahill worked closely together. There was a flicker of romance in there - every time Riggs thought she was hitting on him. Especially in the episode where she gets kidnapped and Riggs saves her and the day, their love and concern for each other was genuine and the time they go on a dinner date - the sparks were off the charts. The show had led us on to believe that there would be something there with the two of them, until, he was killed off the show abruptly and then fired in real life. 

Fans think this is a major problem with 'Lethal Weapon' - they gave them no heads up before killing off their favorite man on the show and the storyline hasn't addressed where Dr. Cahill is off to. Not to dig up the dead, but Crawford has repeatedly claimed that the show didn't even tell him before they kicked him off the show. "Not a jangle," he had alleged in the Podcast. 

However, it is entirely possible that Brewster doesn't want to do anything with the show anymore. She is set to star in 'Survivor' and 'Random Acts of Violence' both of which are yet to premiere and she will also probably be in 'Fast and the Furious 9' which is set to release in 2020. She has been in all of the past films of the franchise as Mia Toretto, Dom's (Vin Diesel) sister. Did you really think Dr. Cahill would wait around for anyone to realize her worth? Umm, no.