'Lethal Weapon' final season: 5 ways to end the show on a high note

As much as we'd miss the show, it would be the perfect time for Fox to take a step back and realize that it would be a good idea to end such an iconic show on a high note.

                            'Lethal Weapon' final season: 5 ways to end the show on a high note

Fox's 'Lethal Weapon' has had a great run since it started - but now, it's time for this chapter to close. When the first season of 'Lethal Weapon' was announced by Fox in 2016, there was serious uncertainty if the television adaptation could live up to the legendary story of buddy cops Murtaugh and Riggs from Shane Black's original films. Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, who ended up playing the cop duo thwarted all doubts - some even went on to enjoy the TV show more than they did the films. The reason was simple - the two had chemistry and the show had solid action. Wayans was always as "too old for this sh***" as Danny Glover's original Murtaugh and Riggs quickly became the heart of the show - so much so that it felt like the role was always meant for him to play. 

Clayne Crawford's performance came to the spotlight when he was fired from the show after allegations against him surfaced, claiming that he was violent and abusive on set. It was like a messy divorce - Wayans took it to social media and Crawford claimed that it was an internal decision and he wasn't even told he was being let go. The firing triggered fandoms like never before and they threatened to boycott the show - in fact, till today, almost eight months since the incident they blame Wayans and Warner Bros for taking a decision that they believe ruined the show. 



From a rating point of view, 'Lethal Weapon' has not been doing too great this season. 'Lethal Weapon's season 1 maintained its viewership somewhere between 11 million to 8 million while season 2 from 7 million to 5 million. Season 3 hasn't seen any episode that has more than 6.29 million total viewers. Fox has canceled shows in the past that have been fan favorites and done well on ratings - so why won't they let the legacy of 'Lethal Weapon' rest in peace? 

Here are five ways that we think 'Lethal Weapon' could say goodbye and not break any more hearts. 

1. A final nod to Riggs

The show did a shoddy job writing him off in the first place. For someone as smart, tough, unbreakable and capable as Martin Riggs, it did seem like a silly way to die. Moreover, in the season 3 premiere, when he was finally written off, the show brought him up like a ghost from the past - a little disrespectfully. Martin Riggs was a baseball cap, a pair of shades and an empty can of something in the premiere, literally.




There was a minute-long montage of him dying from last season and that's the last time we saw his face in 'In the Same Boat'.  Although he is mentioned throughout the episode, there's a strange unreal vibe every time you see Roger mentioning how much he misses him. It is perhaps a perception created by his real-life antics but the love was definitely lost...and it showed. The show should definitely have a tribute to Riggs before they end - maybe show how much he had impacted the lives of his fellow detectives and LAPD and just how much they miss him. It would definitely please fans, but it would also make amends - something 'Lethal Weapon' really needs to do. Maybe bring back Dr Maureen Cahill in someway and let us know how much he meant to her - he did save her life after all.  

2. Close Cole's character arc with his pride intact

Wesley Cole has been at the receiving end of a lot of hate - simply because he's not Riggs. While Scott is truly good, the dissatisfaction is understandable. You cannot compete with someone as established as the former lead in the show in just a couple of episodes. However, it is also unfair for him to face the brunt of what happened even before he was involved with the show. 




The writers have dipped their toe into his past and while it is super interesting, there's something very repetitive about the arc - the love story, the secrets and the guilt. The writers should close his chapter in such a way that he finds a happily ever after - even if Riggs didn't. Maybe make things better with Natalie and Maya just so this poor war hero can take a breather and live a little. He's got no part to play in what happened and he really deserves to be happy. 

3. Write Murtaugh off completely 




If they end this season, there's something the show really needs to do - write Murtaugh off in such a way that he cannot make a comeback in any shape or form in any 'Lethal Weapon' possible spin-off/show ever. He's an outdated character, to be honest, and we deserve a fresher cop. He's not fit to fight alongside Cole and we all see it. Remember how Cole himself had to blow off his tires to keep him away in 'Panama'? The rules of the game have changed - we've got an ex CIA agent Murtaugh who just cannot keep up, just like Damon Wayans put it, "I'm too old for this".  

4. Let Scorcese find true love

Bernard Scorcese deserves a live human being to spend time with - seriously. Always holed up in the lab, this medical examiner, forensic technician, and pathologist needs to be given his due in the final season.




While we've seen some one-sided sparks fly with Detective Sonya Bailey, it would make a lot of sense if the show ended up closing on Scorcese's love life with a gift - the gift of a relationship. We've already been told that even Luisa Gutierrez thinks he has the hots for her, so it would be a nice finish if Bailey would change her mind about him. While she's always thought he was beneath her - the writers could put in an incident where he ends up emerging as her knight in shining armor. 




5. Captain Brooks Avery becomes mayor




Captain Brooks Avery has never got his due on 'Lethal Weapon' and it would be a heartbreaking final season if he doesn't get what he's owed. Avery has everything going - a career, great husband as well as a team of people that he can trust completely. The only thing missing - a promotion. Avery has had the longest desire to be the mayor and we all know how upset he was when he didn't make it. We all know why it didn't actually happen - everyone thinks he cannot control his detectives which is not true. It would be such a nice end to Avery's character, for him to be the politician he's always wanted to be. We know he would be great in the position too - he's diplomatic, is great at seeing the bigger picture and doesn't mind losing a few battles to win the war. He also steps in everytime the city and his team have needed him and has even put his life on the line. 


This season would be the perfect time to stop too - after all, we've seen a good curve with all of the characters and we've seen all the action we could from the buddy cops. As much as we'd miss the show, it would be the perfect time for Fox to take a step back and realize that it would be a good idea to end such an iconic show on a high note - enough has been said and done and there are scars that will never heal.