'Lethal Weapon' Season 3: With Erica now joining the show's other strong women, it might as well be called Lethal Women

With Erica joining the league of badass women on Lethal Weapon this season, maybe it's time to rename the show's next season as Lethal Women.

                            'Lethal Weapon' Season 3: With Erica now joining the show's other strong women, it might as well be called Lethal Women

Move aside Murtaugh and Cole, off late, it is the women of 'Lethal Weapon' who have been taking center stage on the show. As much as we love our buddy cop duo, the women of 'Lethal Weapon' have time and time again proved that they can sometimes be more sensible, abundantly cleverer and just as badass, every single time, as our detectives on the show.

Take Erica Malick for example. She's just a couple of episodes old on the show and she's already solved a major cartel case, helped take down a fortune 500 company and made Assistant DA on her own hard work and merit. Apart from her relationship with Cole, there's so much more to Erica and 'Lethal Weapon' has done a fantastic job portraying her onscreen. Her character isn't your garden variety token hot girl. She's gorgeous, of course, but Erica's character has depth, which sometimes female characters end up lacking, making them nothing more than the hero's arm candy. Remember when she had the presence of mind to be able to keep the murderer calm even when he was trying to stab her? She also fought back, kicking him. For someone who is not a cop or an ex CIA agent, the girl has got some moves! 




Erica Malick is not only successful, hardworking and smart — she's also very patient. To be with someone like Cole, you'd have to have lots of it considering how stupid he can be sometimes. She understands that she should pick her battles - remember when he lost her important witness because he was fussing over breadsticks at the hotel lobby? For someone who's ex-CIA Cole does have his dumb moments but Erica had the presence of mind to understand the situation and try to fix it. Moreover, there's never been a character around Erica that she hasn't looked out for - she cares about Cole, even before they had a thing and she cares about her roommate Julie and tries her best to keep her from making terrible decisions. The daughter of a senator, Erica's got her humility on point - and it makes her even more attractive. 




Talking about beauty with brains, you cannot miss out on Trish Murtaugh when it comes to the women of 'Lethal Weapon'. Trish has consistently shown that she's not just better at making decisions (except choosing to drink the rum in episode 11) than Murtaugh but can beat anyone at their game if she really wants to. She's one of the best attorneys to have ever graced the show and even though her talents get overshadowed by Murtaugh's insecurities, Trish manages to stand her ground, fight her own battles and keeps everyone's feet on the ground. 




In the LAPD itself, we've got The Gute and Detective Bailey, who even though are poles apart, are just as kickass at their own jobs. Without Bailey, Murtaugh could never figure out the groundwork on cases and she's also proved to be a fantastic and reliable backup for the team. The Gute's talents were proved when she stepped in as Bailey's partner the very first day when she pinned Scorcese on the ground with just one swift spin.  




There are also characters like Natalie, who do what they want irrespective of what you think; there's Maya who is all of 12 but speaks her mind as well as the brigade of Dr. Cahill, DEA agent Karen Palmer and Molly Hendricks who prove that these female characters have their own identities on the show and they aren't dependant on who is in charge at the crime scene. While Cole and Murtaugh are great at what they do, it wouldn't be wrong to say that without these women on the show, we wouldn't have half the fun we have had this season. While it is the LAPD detectives who are our main good guys, it is the women on the show that put lethal in 'Lethal Weapon'.

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